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WestFilm Screening Schedule

May 2nd Line-Up - Starts at 7:00pm

UNHOLY – Preview:
A preview of the horror film “Unholy” shot by Westfielder Sam Freeman. Scenes of the film were shot in Westfield. Starring Nicholas Brendon of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame, Adrienne Barbaeu and Cheyenne Casebier. 30 Secs.
Robots: Wave of the Future:
What will robots actually do for us in the future? Glad you asked. George Bucci gives us a glimpse into the not-so-distant future of mankind and robotkind.
4 minutes.
Horror Movie:
One kid alone with a scary movie. Sometimes the movies you watch get to you. Is it all just in your head? You have to watch this Horror Movie by Ashton Golembo to find out. 4 Minutes.
A Walk Home:
As a young boy walks home from a park, he encounters two older boys. These boys are not friendly, however, and may have the intention of harming him. Stars Jake Holsten, Ryan Holsten & Lenny Franchino. Director Patrick Buonincontri is currently working in market research. He is an aspiring film writer, and is currently working on his second screenplay. 7 Minutes.

The Blue Bouquet:
Chris Hild and Evan Falk sizzle in this mind bending thriller. A vagabond traveler has an unexpected encounter with absurdity in a film based of the Octavio Paz short story, calling into question the nature of fate. Directed by John Kerr.
5 Minutes.

Directed by Jon Lorenzini. Coffee is the staple of any American morning. It is known to transform you from a state of slumber to a state of paranoid alertness. This short focuses on the gifts coffee provides, in our caffeine driven society.
5 minutes.

Red Haired Boy:
Robert Shaw grew up ten years ago. His parents left him. His teddy left him. He was all alone… until one cold snowy day when Suzie came along. She invaded his home. She put food coloring in his pancakes. And she taught him that life is more than just survival of the fittest. It is about fun, friendship, and most of all, about love. Starring Michael Tannenbaum and Lindsay Degiralamo. Directed by Rachel Gordon. 6 Minutes.

A young kid is hired to kill a corporate executive. The kid travels to the office building and takes an elevator ride that proves to be a thrill ride he never before experienced! Directed by Andrew Clapham. Edited by Ryan Campi. 13 Minutes.


Jersey Ghost- Extended Preview:
Six teens venture out ino the Jersey Pine Barrens to film a documentary about the proclaimed "Jersey Devil" that has been haunting the barrens and its surrounding area for some 260 years. What they encounter is something beyond words...only one teen lives to tell the story. Directed by Nick Pavano. 5 minute preview.

  (Short Break) Resumes at 8:05pm
8th World Firefighter Games – Preview:
4,000 Firefighters from around the world come together to participate in athletic competition ranging from track & field and swimming to arm wrestling and bodybuilding as well as firefighting related events. Directed by William McMeekan Jr. 3 Minutes.
Jake, Stacy, and Carl become witnesses for a murder case, and the detective has reason to suspect that one of them is the killer. Chloe Zeitounian, Jeff Hogan, Chris Hild, and Jon Applebaum give commanding performances in this crime thriller. Directed by Seth Applebaum and Alex Forstenhausler. 20 Minutes.
  Feature Film 8:30pm

Lying Beside You :
Is a romantic comedy, which deals with the simple fact that love and lies do not mix while also showing the trials and tribulations of making an independent film. Joe Valenti takes on many roles as the producer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor, composer and singer/songwriter. Theresa McKenna stars as Jessica.
1hr 45minutes.


May 9th Line-Up - Starts at 7:00pm

UNHOLY – Preview:
A preview of the horror film “Unholy” shot by Westfielder Sam Freeman. Scenes of the film were shot in Westfield. Starring Nicholas Brendon of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame, Adrienne Barbaeu and Cheyenne Casebier.
K-9 Resorts:
Directed By Larry Rhodes. This is a short documentary about two men pursuing their dreams. They combined their love for dogs and their love for entrepreneurship to start a unique business. Stars Jason and Steven Parker. 5 minutes.
Squirrel Paintist:
What includes a squirrel in space, a squirrel self portrait, aliens and galactic adventure? While Squirrel Paintist of course! What is Squirrel Paintist? We don’t know , but we do know it can only be an original animation creation from the mind of Griff Kimmins. 5 minutes.
Training Day:
Arnold, a 3 year old auteur presents us with his masterpiece... the story of two toddlers struggling with love and potty training. This short was directed by Westfielder, Ken Waddell. 5 minutes.
The Promise:
A lawyer is confronted with a dark choice when a stranger tells him he's going to commit murder. Shot on High Definition Video in Hoboken, this is another short by Ken Waddell. 14 minutes.
A Lot To Ask:
What if you saw your ex-girlfriend every time you went out on a date? What if you were the only one to see her? That would be “A Lot To Ask”. This short was directed by Tamir Mostafa in Los Angeles. 22 minutes.
  8:10pm Feature Start
Friends Like These:
Three couples decide to head to the Jersey Shore for a “nice and quiet” dinner party that turns out to be nothing of the sort. Too much alcohol, a few too many pills for a root canal, and one of the guests drug habit don’t exactly help the evening. Oh right. And did we mention that they are all cheating on each other – with each other? Clark native, Sebastian Moreira directs this Jersey based production. 63 minutes.
9:15pm Feature Start
Unknown Soldier:
John William Hulme IV never met his father. But ask the Highland Park filmmaker anything about his father and he can tell you. This feature length documentary which was recently acquired by HBO shows John Hulme’s journey to find out about the father who was killed in Vietnam three weeks after he was born. 82 minutes.