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The Interactive Hostage Game

It's 9:00 pm and you arrive home from work. As you approach your house you notice that the front door has been kicked open. You slowly enter, as your heart is practically thumping out of your chest. Once inside you see that most of your furniture has been turned over, and a number of your belongings have been broken. Your house is a wreck!

You wonder into your kitchen and see that the table has been set for dinner. You smell smoke, and notice that the oven is on. You open the oven door and see that there is a meatloaf inside, but it is now burnt.

You now step into your computer room and find that there is a strange screen saver on your screen, with rainbow text scrolling across a black background. You begin to read it:

"Your family is in our possession, do as we say or they will be killed...."

You look down and see that there is a letter on your keyboard

Do you:

Open the letter                             Not open the letter