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My Hostage Experience on 03/11/05

When I woke up Friday morning the first thought that entered my mind was, "Today is the day....Today I get to watch Hostage!" I was so excited. I left my house at around 12:30pm and drove to the local movie theater. I went in, bought my ticket, and had almost an hour to kill before the movie started. So I walked into Wal-Mart and bought the newest issue of People Magazine which has Bruce Willis on the cover. I then walked over to Old Navy and got a couple of T-Shirts for my boyfriend, since he has been complaining lately of not having enough shirts. But anyway, when it was time for the movie to start I walked into the theater and up to the concession stand where I bought a small popcorn and a small coke and it came to $9.00 (damn!) When I walked into Hostage, there were a lot of people already seated. From what I could see, I was the only girl there. I noticed there were a few guys there who looked like they were trying to look like Bruce Willis. Shaved heads, tough looking, you get what I'm saying? 

They then began to play the coming attractions, and I can tell you this, none of the movies they showed looked that great EXCEPT "Sin City", which looked kick ass! I will definitely be at the theater on April 1st to see that! 

About Hostage, first off, the opening credits were AWESOME, I loved the way they did that. Very cool. When the movie first started, from the first words the first character said, I was hooked, you start out right in the action, you instantly move to the edge of your seat. I am not going to give away any spoilers, but will just say the first scene was very emotional.

There were actually a handful of times in the movie where I wanted to shed a tear. Bruce gave a great performance, and was very convincing in his role. Ben Foster was really good in this movie, I know he played in the Showtime movie "Bang, Bang You're Dead", and he was very good in that as well. I loved Jimmy Bennett as Tommy Smith, that little boy is so cute, and such a great little actor. Michelle Horn was great, and Rumor Willis was great too, although she did not have many speaking lines. Nothing bad can be said about any of the actors, they were all terrific.

This movie is rated 'R' and that is because there is a lot of bloody scenes with people shooting people. There's some strong language, but mostly the use of the 'F' word by the bad guys. This movie reminded me a little of Bruce in "Die Hard", the action scenes that is. Bruce isn't running around making funny, sarcastic remarks as he did in "Die Hard", "Hostage" is a serious movie, there are a couple of funny moments, but not a lot. It's a great action movie.

I believe this is the best movie Bruce has made in a while. It's probably one of his best movies. It's that good. I will probably be back in the theater next week to see it with my boyfriend. I encourage everyone to go out and see this movie, it's a fantastic flick, I can't express that enough.

Hostage Rocks!