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The Interactive Hostage Game

You have decided to do what he says

Mr. Rich opens his safe and gives you over $100,000 in cash. You stick a couple of twenties in your pocket. After all, the kidnappers won't miss 40 bucks.  Anywho, you pile Mr. Rich and his family into the family's minivan and proceed to drive to the corner of Houston Street and 9th ave. Once there, a man approaches the van. He comes to your driver side window.

"Where's the cash?" the kidnapper asks you.

"Where's my family?" you say.

The kidnapper points to a U-Haul van, and there is no one sitting in the driver or passenger seat. "They are in the back of that U-Haul. Once I get the cash I will let them out."

Do you:

Give Mr. Kidnapper the money          Realize he is one of those "World's Stupidest Criminals" and bitch slap him