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**About The Fan** About The Fan** About The Fan** About The Fan**

Hello, my name is Lisa Chapman (AKA Chappy, AKA El C). Anywho, thank you for visiting my Hostage fan site, and many more thanks for actually wanting to read a little about me LOL :-)

I am 21 years old and am originally from the great state of Kentucky. Two years ago I moved here to NY to live with my boyfriend who is from here. 

I became a fan of BW's about seven years ago. My all-time favorite BW movie has got to be "The Last Boy Scout". I guess I am a fan of BW's because he just seems like a cool guy. What more can I say?

In addition to being a BW fan, I am also a HUGE fan of Kirk Douglas (Spartacus is the greatest movie ever!!).

I am an aspiring country song writer, and I have also written two poetry books which have been published, not many copies of either were sold (Thanks mommy and aunt Emma for buying one!!)

Well folks, thanks again for checking out my page, and please stop by often because I will be updating it often.

And now for your viewing pleasure, I present to you.....



My All-Time Favorite Bruce Willis Movie!