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El Ojo en La Nuca

A 25 minute documentary short film by Rodrigo Plá. Called "The Eye on the Nape" in English.

In 1987, a new law pardons those in the military who are guilty of violating human rights under the dictatorship between 1973 and 1986. Pablo’s father was one of the victims; Pablo was a little boy when he saw his own father beaten and executed. Now a young man, Pablo leaves his exile and goes to Mexico to seek justice for his father. The plot — ‘‘fantasy but the context is real’’— may deal with a young man’s journey to seek justice after years of exile and the disappearance of his father in Uruguay but the theme and emotions could be universal regardless of socio-political specifics.

Pla, who did a course in script writing and directing at the Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica, Mexico in 1987-1995, has as much to say about the other offerings — especially Indian. For someone who confesses to having had little opportunity of getting acquainted with Indian/Asian/ African cinema, Pla identifies with many of the themes. ‘‘Like my film, many of the others too give the non-official point of view. Like that of people and communities in conflict, women fighting for their human rights.”

Awarded Special Mention from the Jury at the Uruguay Film Festival in 2001, the Student Academy Award for Best Short Foreign Film in the US in 2001, and Best Short Film from the Mexican Academy of Film, Arts and Sciences.

Brief Summary (English)
Resumen Breve (Espanol)