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My Favorite Photographs

My best work

This is a collection of the pieces that I am most fond of. Some of them I am proud of because I believe they show my skill. Some of them I just love because I remember being thrilled by the photographic opportunity the moment presented. But most of all this collection is a good representation of the way I see the world.

Link is one of my babies. Last year I rescued a litter of (feral) kittens from a dumpster at McDonald's. Imagine capturing a wild raccoon and bringing it into you house - that's about how these kittens reacted. However after a few weeks of hand-feeding, all five of them decided I was their new mama and became tame. We found homes for three of them, and got to keep two - Link and Eddie (Edward Scissorpaws - the ideal name for a feral cat).
Mandy Getschman