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This is a collection of all the images that I am most proud of.

I hope you enjoy them!


I like this image because of the vivid colors. It was taken at a

zoo in northern Michigan. I took the picture while the

peacock was trying to bite my shoe!

I took this photo at the Fire Muster Festival 2007 in Frankenmuth, MI.

My uncle owns an antique firetruck so I got to take pictures

from the middle of the parade.


This is my little sister, Marissa. This was taken

at a park in Livonia, MI.


At the Detroit Zoo there is a little reflecting pool in the

Bird Atrium. There is a tree hanging over it with these

pink blossoms that can usually be seen floating in the water.



This image was taken in Port Austin, which is in the

thumb of the Michigan mitten. This is a pier

that led way out into the water of Lake Huron .



This was taken in early spring. I saw this leaf on a nature

walk and decided to try out the 'super macro' setting of my camera.

I love it for the contrasting colors and glowing veining pattern.



This is a still-life I had to set up for my high school art class.

My parents sell antiques so I had some great stuff to work with.



This is my friend Kary's horse, Obie (short for Whispering Obsession).

I love this shot because I think the eye stands out and I believe

the monochrome effect makes the detail more striking.



Years back, my family rented a cabin in the U. P. for a

few days. This is one of my older images and is also

the only time I have ever captured a rainbow.



In October 2007, I won tickets to go see J. K. Rowling in New York. My sister

and I dressed up for the show, but then spent the whole day walking

around NYC in the rain. This shot was taken from a tourist bus. New York is

always crowded, but it is much worse when that crowd is carrying umbrellas.



This shot was taken at the same time as that green and red

leaf (above and right). I love it for the sharpness of the

plant's texture and the nicely blurred background.



My little sister and her friends spend most of their time outside.

The poor toads in our neighborhood never get any rest. I only got two

shots of this toad because it peed on her and she promptly dropped it.



This was taken a week before Halloween at Greenfield

Village. Thankfully the rain let up as we got there, but

the ominous clouds remained for this cool shot.



Every year, Laurel Park (the local mall) holds an Orchid Show.

This was one of the prize-winning blooms.



I took this shot right after the close-up (above and right). I

wanted to include her face in the image as well as the toad.



This was the first time I have ever been to the Detroit Zoo in the

winter. I was worried that most of the animals would be inside

for the season, but these tigers were happily playing in the snow.



This is a montage of an old hotel from the Fayette Historical Ghost

Town and a woman from Northville's Victorian Parade. If you

look closely, the woman is transparent, like a ghost!



This was taken on my first visit to Blaney Park. This old fence

was on the grounds of that abandoned Dude Ranch.

(see Travel page)


This shot was taken at Mill Race Village.

I love the warm tone - it makes a great

autumn image!

This is another shot from the reflecting pool

of the Bird Atrium. I love the sharp detail

and the varying colors of the gravel.

When I was little, my best friend and

I found a patch of these Wild Phlox in

the woods by our houses. We called

it our very own Secret Garden.



This was taken at the polar bear exhibit

at the Detroit Zoo. (I must confess that

the seagull was photoshopped in later!)



This three-inch-in-diameter hole was carved

out by a woodpecker. The clear drips

are sap oozing from the wood.



Every Easter holiday for the past few years,

my family has rented a cabin in the Keweenaw

(at least a 10hr drive). This was taken right

outside the cabin.



The shores of the Keweenaw Peninsula are

covered with colorful pebbles that are great

for rock hounders. I've found dozens of Agates

and even a Greenstone (MI's State Gem).



Also in Blaney Park, we found an old Fire

Station. The weather-worn red paint made

a great background for the shot.



This is another orchid from Laurel Park. I

increased the saturation in Adobe Photoshop

to make the colors more dramatic.



I took this shot along Lake Superior.

I decided to title it "The Many Moods

of the Sky".


Here is another shot of the Keweenaw

Peninsula's shore. I think the red rocks

make the area look like the surface of Mars.


This is another prize-winning orchid

from the Laurel Park Orchid Show.


This is a montage of my sister, Jessica,and

a lioness from the Detroit Zoo. She tells

everyone that this is her pet, Anastasia.


This is a senior portrait of my friend,

Kary, and her horse, Obie.


This is a still-life I set up at Mill Race.

I love how the light cast the colored

shadows in the image.



This is another photo from the Fire

Muster Festival. I used Adobe Photoshop

to accent only some of the colors.



My dad found Holly when she was a kitten.

It was the day before Christmas and she

was cold and wet. It took months to get her

healthy, and now she is happily living with us.



This is a still life of my foreign

coin collection. I like the rustic

background of my front porch.



I bought these peacock feathers at the

Renaissance Festival in 2006. I love the

rainbow effect of the increased saturation.



This is the Mackinaw Bridge, which connects

the two peninsulas of Michigan. This time I

did NOT montage the birds into the image.



This is a hibiscus from Mill Race.

I love the middle part of the flower

and the intense colors of the image.



This is part of the treacherous hike to get to

Memorial Falls in Munising, MI. Most of the

path hugs the cliffs overlooking the river valley.



My little sister found this inch worm on the

hike back from Wagner Falls. I love the vivid

green of the worm against the bright

the red leaf.



This was taken in Christmas, MI.

Somewhere on that rock is what's

left of a Native-American carving of

a face. I couldn't find it - time

has worn most of it away.


















All images copyrighted by Amanda M. Getschman