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Name: Nick Clemens

Age: 15

D.O.B: 12/15/89

Place Of Birth: That one hospital on the hill

Current Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

How Long have you been riding: Six years

Current setup: I run a Mosh Lux 2 Star Gold with an fbm sprocket, industry grips, odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals, Odyssey Hazard Cassette Rear Wheel, profile cranks, Kink Freebird Handlebars, Odyssey Modulever brake lever, and S&M tires

Style: Dirt, Street, Park, Vert

Favorite Tricks: 360's, one footed x Ups, Icepicks, can cans

Favorite Riders: Edwin Delarosa, Corey Bohan, Allan Cooke, and of course Brandon Dull, and Greg Heasley

Worst Injury: They all suck

Favorite Bmx Video: Welcome to Pittsburgh

Favorite Spot: Anywhere downtown and Sleepy Holllow

Music: 36 Crazyfists, Social Distortion, Placebo, and Foo Fighters

Food: Macaroni and cheese

Girlfriend: available

Other Infomation you want to add: i also like to use my trampoline bike, play electric/bass guitar, and sleep