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The Zimmerman Family and History




On September 21st in the year 1732, Hans Zimmerman and his brother, Chirstian arrived in Philadelphia, on board the ship "Pink Plaisance," ending a voyage from Germany, by way of Rotterdamn, Holland.

Various versions of the surname Zimmerman have been used, including the english name Carpenter, (encouraged by William Penn, who granted land to Swiss and German immigrants,) and Timmerman as used in Holland.

According to the ship's passengers listings, (names and age), both brothers are believed to have been about 15 years old at the time of their arrival in Philadelphia.

These people, (there were actually a toatal of 12 by the name of Zimmerman,) were listed as Palatines on the ships list, indicating they probably had lived in the Palatinates, along the Rhine River, in Germany.

These ancestors, having been of Mennonte faith, are believed to actually have orginated in Switzerland, and through persecution of there belief, had migrated to Germany.

According to two abstracts, dated 1738, Hans and his brother Chirstian first settled on their own property in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylcania. A few years later, both sold their land, and purchased property in Earl Township, Lancaster County. Here they lived the rest of their lives.

Eventually, both Hans and Christian were buried in the same family cemetery.

This is now Lichty's Cemetery, (considered the orginal Zimmerman family cemetery), located in Caernarvon Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, near the town of Spring Grove and Churchtown.