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Who is Stealing My Signs?

In the Month of August, 2004, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,

2 Kerry Edwards,

1 Regime Change Begins at Home: Vote Out Bush Cheney, and

1 American Flag were stolen from my yard.

I decided to booby trap my one remaining sign. I set up a video camera to find out who was stealing my signs. Three nights in a row, August 28, 29, 30, in the early morning hours, attempts were made.

The local NBC affiliate, TMJ4 did a story on it. They called me the Video Vigilante.

I re-edited (improved) the TV story with my own footage as an example of fair use.

Listen to the radio piece produced by WUWM, the local NPR station. The story is called Sign Man.

See the latest edit of "Who is Stealing My Signs?" including summary of attempts organized by ascending pitch.

...And the sign was still there...

watch them run

8 10-10 - 4:40 AM. Pretty Boy Republican Hoodlum comes early on Sunday morning. Look at the stunned, confused look on his face as the alarm goes off.

7 10-01 - 12:42 AM. White boy with dreadlocks takes action. To impress the ladies?

6 9-25 - 11:00 PM. Art student hears V.V. give talk. Tries to play a joke. Denied.

5 9-25 - 12:39 AM. Listen to what these guys are saying. Tell me if I'm wrong. WTF is that in his hand, an air filter from a car?

4 9-17 - 11:42 PM. NEW! Busted live by the V.V. (warning, rough language)

3 8-30 - 2:22 AM. I like how he looks right into the camera. Listen for his footsteps as the alarm is going off.

2 8-29 - 2:20 AM. Watch how fast this guy accelerates once he hits the sidewalk. Vrrrooom.

1 8-28 - 2:00 AM. Watch him pace. It looks like he's talking to himself.


Don't be afraid to put your sign out there. Just keep it covered with a video camera and some fishing wire.

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