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The Process

1. Dissolve gun-cotton ether to produce collodion. Alcohol was also required at this stage.

2. Add bromides and iodides to the collodion mixture and coat one side of the glass plate.

3. Sensitize the glass plate. This was done by placing it in a *silver bath* for two minutes. This bath was composed of silver nitrate.

4. Transfer the plate into a darkroom under a red safelight and then place it into the camera.

5. Take the photo while the coating is wet. An exposure of several seconds is required.

6. Develop the wet negative.

7. Fix in hypo or cyanide solution, rinse and dry

8. Coat with a gum sandarac varnish to help protect the collodion layer.

9. Lay the negative over albumen paper and expose to the light.

10. Treat with gold chloride to prevent fading.