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From Dusk Till Dawn is one of the many films from the mid 90's that were cursed by DVD. What I mean is that at this point in time many great films appeared on DVD before people knew what to do with them so the result are DVD's with absolutely no special features this cursed has been placed on many of my personal favorite movies like Fargo, Permanent Midnight, and every one of the Tarantino. Luckily though the appreciation for DVDís has grown and these films are now being given the special edition treatment they deserve. One film that could be considered a Tarantino, but may be disputed by purest is From Dusk Till Dawn. The reason some may not consider it part of the Tarantino library is because though it was written and produced by Tarantino it was directed by Robert Rodriguez. Now that the bad news is out of the way let me tell you the good. Rodriguez himself is a quite excellent director who invented a sub-genre with his Mexican action movies El Mariachi, Desperado, and the soon to be released Once Upon a Time In Mexico. The two writer-directors team up to create what has to be my favorite vampire movie of all time. Like any horror Film it has its problems with continuity and breaking its own rules of what will kill the monsters. However this is not just a horror movie it uses Crime Drama, a great cast and the dialog that comes along with a Tarantino script. Before we get to the special features let me just mention the cast which includes Big name stars like George Clooney, Quentin Tarintino, Harvey Keitel, Selma Hayek, and Juliette Lewis who steals the film away from everybody. It also has "B" movie actors that just add to the feel of the film like Cheech Marin, John Saxon, Michael Parks, Fred Williamson, Danny Trejo, and Tom Savini who from what I hear make the fangoria crowd stand on there seats and bask in the warmth of his glory.

O.K. now that I'm done with that lets get to the only reason I could understand someone reading one of my reviews the special features. This DVD has everything I could think of putting on it Outtakes, Featurettes, English & Spanish Trailers, Music Videos, and a really entertaining Audio Commentary from Rodriguez & Tarantino. The one thing that is partially bad on this DVD is the full length Documentary of the film Full Tilt Boogie who's only redeeming factor is the mildly funny opening sequence, but luckily there is a much shorter much more entertaining featurette included titled Hollywood Goes to Hell.

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