Louis Malle

††††† After Minority Report, I really had believed I had seen the last good movie of the summer. I was very much mistaken. Signs is a well shot and well acted story of lost faith and the belief in signs. This movie tells the story of Father Graham Hess who has left his ministry due to an incident in his life. To add on to this, strange signs have occurred around the world such as crop circles in high numbers and lights in the sky. M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable) has created his best movie to date. As scary and shocking a movie this is, it is more about Father Grahamís trials and his faith. Mel Gibson gives an excellent performance as this minister who has lost his way. Signs is a very visual thriller, but in the end it is the story of losing faith that makes it the great movie that it is. The fact that this movie can have both of these aspects and still work properly is amazing in itself.


capsule review by Gregory Filce


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