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Judith Mathews   Commission Artist             

I am proud to be able to show works of art created by Judith Mathews a commission artist, and my Sister. Judiths talent is undeniable as you can see

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     Judith Mathews has been practicing art for more than 30 years. She started drawing at an early age in Britain and finds drawing incredibly absorbing. Judith's work lately has been in oil although she has worked in acrylic, pastel, and watercolor, she chooses the medium that best suits the composition.

Judith studied art at Lampton College in Sarnia Ontario under the direction of David Korff but remains primarily self taught.  She has worked diligently to develop her own style sighting the importance of Individuality. Art is a passion, a passion she would like to pass on to others by capturing the essence of her portrait subjects. It"s been said that she captures the very soul in her portraits.

"Landscapes are quite different," She says, "To achieve the beauty, peace, and colors, of the natural world is another, but very pleasant challenge as I can't improve on that which is already perfect." In recent years Judith has taught the therapeutic benefits that can be gained through art and still accepts occasional commission  painter.gif (13412 bytes) Sample Artwork       

CHRISTINES BOS TOP VIEW.jpg (9436 bytes)    CHRISTINES BOX FRONT VIEWm (174144 bytes)

The Blanket box above( 30 X 15 X 18), created as a  birthday present for my neice Christine, was hand painted using oils not decals.





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More pictures to follow shortly