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I've taken a few pictures and here they are.  Happy moments,  hobbies, family and friends.

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 My Nephew Craig Playing Baseball ..My Favorite Superstar


ontario4.BMP (223614 bytes)

This is my Old Home from space. Note the detail. It makes the world seem a whole lot smaller.

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Christmas at the Whitesides...(top) Jay, Tammie, Brett (bottom) Richard, Angel, Stacey


tessa.bmp (230454 bytes)

Neice Tessa..You come over to ma-house


chlvrm.bmp (230454 bytes)

Our Living Room at Christmas..Angel got us a tree and decorated it. It was perfect


chris015.bmp (230454 bytes)

Angel grew many plants and made the house warm and comfortable


chris023.bmp (230454 bytes)

Angel  made the house look great..

                shelley.bmp (177654 bytes)

I loved you then, I love you now, I'll love you always.

snow.bmp (230454 bytes)

It doesn't snow in New Westminster.

mich2.BMP (223614 bytes)

My new home as seen from space.


train.bmp (230454 bytes)

Vancouver and montains from Water Front Sky Train Station The storage platform is used for alot of action films.


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This is Chelsea my Neices oldest daughter


990211-010sam.jpg (242423 bytes) 

980101-014bail.jpg (10857 bytes)

Sam and Bailey,

africa3.BMP (223614 bytes)

This is Asia were my room mate Isabelle is at the moment teaching. She is in Gun Ma Ken Japan   (Lower Center)

isangerm.bmp (230454 bytes)

Isabelle (left) and her best friend Germaine

Brittany and Bo...Talent, Looks, and Total Class


rboston.bmp (230454 bytes)

My Friend Rob working on the bench. One of the best techs in the lower mainland. He doubles as a Goldberg look-a-like..

05099002.bmp (230454 bytes)

Jack in Hamilton Ontario had his annual Birthday Bash and we had a video to the party through the internet. It was a good chance to see old friends and to be there even at a great distance.

05099003.bmp (230454 bytes)

This is Randie's mini studio. It comprises a Bose GX-700 processor and a Fostex 3180 processor linked to the terminal at right. The Keyboard and Guitars are linked through the midi processors and the audio is channeled to a machine near the server for recording. Both this machine and the server have a SoundBlaster Live audio card linked to produce as real a sound as possible. Digital, midi and audio are linked through out providing superb  quality. Behind the Mic is an audio rack feeding the mixed signals to the Brown speakers on the top shelf for playback. The Top amp between these speakers acts as the monitor for the mic and guitars. The tower speakers between the Rack are for the computers and the keyboard.

05099004.bmp (230454 bytes)

This is a view of the livingroom with the server on the floor, to the lower left of the monitor and the recording server on the floor to the right of the monitor and printer . All machines are networked and linked for midi, video and audio. Richard is talking to my friend Jack in Ontario over the Internet

05099005.bmp (230454 bytes).

The Midi Station and keyboard. This machine is designed for this purpose and has controls for audio and multiple inputs on the front.

05149001.bmp (230454 bytes)

This is a closer view of the midi server that produces the music on the web pages and allows me to create multi layer music. Its design was specific down to the case which allows multiple audio inputs and outputs. This unit has a Sound Blaster Live audio card as well as a separate daughter card that feeds the audio controls on the case.

08019043.bmp (230454 bytes)

White Rock had their annual parade that seemed to last forever. All the floats were amazing and a good time was had by all.

08019033.bmp (230454 bytes)

Bands played and we had fun.

08019037.bmp (230454 bytes)



08019023.bmp (230454 bytes)

Local Bands played and then we partied by a confined Camp fire. We played Guitar and sang, then went off to the local pub for dancing. A great weekend.


dean.bmp (230454 bytes)

My Cousin Dean from the Island (Victoria).  STOP HAVING SO MUCH FUN AND GO TO BED!!!!


geoff.bmp (921654 bytes)

My Cousin Geoff who lives in Calgary...He can turn a huricain into a bright and shiny day. Think I'm kidding!!


scottnalex.bmp (921654 bytes)

This is Alex and Scott my second cousins....Hey Mr payin attention!!!


geoffboat.bmp (921654 bytes)   geoffboat2.bmp (921654 bytes)

Formal protest filed by Superman against Geoff's new boat. A sparton hull design 15' Fibre Form ski boat with a killler 150 horse Mercruiser Outboard...Note the speed prop...Don't worry...Geoff has a pilots license.

Happy Birthday To Georgia.......

    Happy Birthday To   You.........

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     Happy Happy Joy Joy.....

 Happy Birthday to You.......

More Pictures to Follow.