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PANTEC MS REPAIR.    Click image for larger version
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This process is to assist in the repair of your Pantec MS receiver that may have been shutdown by the flashing of the unit with the new 245 autoroll bin file.



Waking up the Receiver:    


For this step of the procedure, you will need some software. Download the following.

Make a directory on your C drive and call it SAT. Inside the SAT directory make 4 directories. JKEYS, Walls, Loader and Bins. Expand copy the apropriate files to their directories.

Jkeys.exe  Find it here   Use this version as I find it works best.

Jkeys.def   Find it here!    Copy this file into the JKEYS.EXE directory only if you can't find the right IRD model in the next step.

Walls.exe   Find it here

Pansat Loader v320 Find it here  (Down load the Pantec MS all you

X-85BL_050315_245_apiN.bin Find it here

X-8500_040916_235_api(Bl).bin  Find it here

You will also require the 9 pin female to 9 pin female serial ( Straight through) cable that came with your receiver.




Connect the JTAG cable to your computer parallel port and then plug in the 10 pin connector to the receiver. Plug in the receiver but keep the power switch off. 

Run Walls.exe. Turn on the receiver.  Reset the CPU by clicking on RESET UP,  Click on  RESET UJTAG, Refresh items then close the program



Run jKeys you should get a window similar to the one above.
Make sure you get a screen similar to the one above. That will let you know if you have your jtag connected right.
IRD Modal = Macrx Chip
Region = Flash 1(29LW800BTC)

If you don't see Macrx in the IRD model window.. Click the pull down tab and select it.

 If its not there, go back and download the JKEYS.def file and copy it into the JKEYS directory. Repeat the last step.

To dump your flash chip click on Save Mem. This isn't absolutely necessary but a good idea.



You will get a dialog box like the one below. Simply click save, and you will begin the dump process. You can call it anything and put it anywhere you will remember.



To program the Flash chip you will click on the Flash Programming button.



You will next get a warning dialog as shown below. Simply click the OK button to access programming functions for the the flash chip.



In the programming window you will use the Erase,

 and Program functions (Chip/Sector Programming)

 make sure the pull down box is set for Full. First 

you erase the flash chip then you use the Program 

button to rewrite new firmware to the flash chip.
IRD Modal = Macrx Chip
Flash = Flash 1(29LW800BTC)



When you click the Program button you will get a 

 browse box so you can find the firmware file to 

write to the receiver. Simply click open once you 

locate the file Blacklist X-8500_040916_235_api(Bl), 

and programming will begin. Don't select the 
X-85BL_050315_245_apiN.bin, this will come next.



A progress bar will appear. Wait for this to complete and then switch off the receiver. Now turn on the receiver and look at the front of the unit. The display should light up. Turn off the receiver and disconect the JTAG cable and replace the cover and the 5 screws.






Programming the Autoroll Flash:



The next step is to flash the receiver using the serial cable that came with your receiver and the Pansat Loader v3.20 with the new bin. Plug the serial cable into com 1 and the other into the receiver. The receiver should be switched off but plugged in.  

Run Pansat Loader v3.20. 


In the STB Model Box type  " Pansat 2500A " . Load the Bin File.  Choose X-85BL_050315_245_apiN.bin.

Make sure the file type is Flash Rom File. ( This is why we didn't use JKEYS for the upgrade flash) Turn on the receiver switch on the rear. Click download.

The process window will appear. Allow the process to complete. Don't touch anything until the completed box appears.

If an error message appears, repeat the process. Once completed turn off the receiver. Unplug the serial cable. Turn on the receiver. If the receiver lights up then all is well


 Reconnect your cables and  reconnect the antenna and AV cables and re program your sat channels.







1) If you have problems with the software running on XP use Windows 98. The comctrl32 used in XP may effect the operation of the VB scripting. You will know this if your LED's don't light or light properly.

2) If you can't find the Macrx IRD choice in JKEYS then download the  JKEYS.def file.