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A Brief History                                

      My Prayer  

Dear God, So far today, I've done alright.

I haven't gossiped, I haven't lost my temper, I haven't been greedy

grumpy, nasty, selfish or overindulgent and I'm thankful for that.

In a few moments, I'm getting out of bed, and from then on

I'm going to need a lot more help



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Here are a few things that have captivated my interest lately


Art from my friend Carol who draws fashion outfits and Cartoons...

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This high-tech watch has a built-in 22-channel walkie talkie with a range of 1.5 miles. It's ideal for keeping in touch with family and friends. Take it with you anywhere, and your entire group can stay in constant contact with each other. People use these watches at amusement parks, beaches, ski slopes, shopping malls, and a variety of other places where it can be easy to get lost.

This watch is easy to use. It sends an alert tone to other users whose watch is set to the same channel to notify them of your call. Then simply speak into the voice-activated microphone and you're instantly in contact with anyone within a mile and a half radius.

This watch is especially useful for families. It gives freedom and flexibility to children while offering parents peace of mind with the security of being able to keep in constant contact with their kids.






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Remote-controlled color morphing containers

The Mood-Light Objects are various container shapes that are illuminated by ultra-bright LEDs. They are capable of displaying millions of additive RGB colors with variable intensity. The Objects can also display their colors in a variety of sequences, combinations, and effects modes. You create and save any colors for your Mood-Light Object as well as pause during any sequence or function at any time to catch a current color or light display. There are 3 pre-programmed animated light sequences (Chill, Motion and Action) and 6 pre-programmed function modes (Random, Fusion, Pulse, Rave, Ray and Moments). Switching between the different sequences (and functions) and the speed of these functions can be controlled using the remote control.

The remote can also control the display color by adding or subtracting the amount of each component color (Red, Green and Blue). The Object can be turned off and on using the remote.


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Transformers is a 2007 live action film adaptation of the Transformers franchise. The film stars Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky, a teenager involved in the war between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. The Decepticons intend to possess the All Spark, the very object that created their robotic race, and use it to build a new army by giving life to the machines of Earth. Also starring are Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Voight and John Turturro, as well as the voices of Peter Cullen and Hugo Weaving as Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. The film was directed by Michael Bay, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, and written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.





Like you, I wanted to see "The Grindhouse" when it was released in the theaters, but I couldn't find a four hour block free to sit in the theater. While "Death Proof" looked good I was more interested in seeing "Planet Terror." I actually managed to avoid all trailers for "Planet Terror" and watched it fresh knowing nothing about the film except that it was about zombies and a babe with a machine gun leg. If you're read the site for a long time you know I have a thing for zombie films and that this genre falls into two categories: the "humans kick zombie ass" category, and the "humans fight hard to barely survive, and then die horrible deaths anyway" category. "Planet Terror" easily qualifies as the goriest and most awesome "humans kick zombie ass" movie I've seen in a very long time. Brief and totally spoiler-free review after the jump.



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New Gadgets you don't really want...

Borat Mankini - Very Nice


Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world, all other countries are run by little girls. Kazakhstan is number one exporter of mankinis, Other Central Asian countries have inferior mankinis. Claims Borat..

Hmmmm.... Watch out Cuba Gooding... I hear they want YOU for the commercial.



USB Hamster 

We are all hamsters in the big, sawdust filled, cage called life or do we have imbedded in our minds the wanton desire to inflict torture
And with your USB Hampster Wheel you can now visualize this by channeling your work effort into the hamster wheel and thereby signal to your surroundings that life and work are trivial and you are the god of your environment...
... or you could just think that it is damn cute and want it for your desk without having any kind of pseudo philosophical crap in mind! 

All you have to do is to install the included software, plug the Hamster Wheel in to a USB port and type like crazy.
The faster you type, the faster it runs. 




Still having nightmares over your last barmitsvah...

Well here's just the thing to solve your next family occasion. Its Mr. Circumcise. Yes now in good company with Sponge Bob Square pants and the ever popular Crack Hoe Barbie, Mr. Circumcise promises to nip that problem in the bud... ouch..

Your little tyke now doesn't have to be frightened out of his mind and you can save on those pesky doctors visits.. 

Comes with spare blades, instructions, and a disclaimer in large print and in every language on the planet.



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 Thought of the Day                          

Britney's Multiple Personality Disorder and prepared Obituary

Britney Spears


Sources are now painting a very disturbing picture of Britney Spears, or whoever she happens to be at any given moment.

We're told the whole British accent thing -- well, it's more than an accent. Britney has multiple personalities, including, as people in her life call it, "the British girl." We're told when Spears loses the British personality, she has absolutely no idea what she did during the time she assumed that personality.

Sources say Brit has a number of other identities, where she becomes "the weepy girl, the diva, the incoherent girl," and on and on.

Sources say Britney had become the British girl the day she didn't show for her deposition and has no recollection of it.

Associated Press has an obituary already written, should something happen to the "at-risk" former pop star.

TMZ spoke to AP Entertainment Editor Jesse Washington who confirmed the news. Washington told
Us Weekly, "We would never wish any type of misfortune on anybody and hope that we would never have to use it until 50 years from now, but if something were to happen, we would have to be prepared."

It is not uncommon for news organizations like AP to have obituaries prepared for high-profile people -- the unusual thing is that they're usually prepped for the very sick or aged.


Fahrenheit 911

I finally got to see Micheal Moores film and I have to say it was great.  Do I believe it?. You bet.  Do I think there is a legitimate conspiracy...Of course.  Does George Bush deserve to be president. Absolutely.

Why is it that people assume that high profile positions are held by people of angelic attitude. The Bush family has well established connections world wide and that is a necessity. I don't blame the entire Arab world for the creative works of one nut bar either. I feel for Osama Bin Ladins family as I'm sure that before 911 they commanded great respect. I can't imagine how I would feel knowing the entire world hates my name and family based on something my brother or child did. I think that everybody( given the opportunity ) would stretch the legal limit for a good friend or loved one but funny nobody wants to consider that when they think about George Bush. I also think that in some ways its human nature to hide mistakes we make...Look at Martha Stewart.

Like George, I love my country, I care about my friends and family, and I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.  I would be willing to bend rules.. so that either makes me dishonest or the perfect government employee. There are those that think that George shouldn't have won the election but not me. I'm glad George won and not for the reasons you may think. I truly believe that George has the balls to push the button. I think the world knows it. and while Micheal Moore did a great job of blowing the whistle on George, he also pointed out to the world that the president may not be so perfect which amplifies to all just how far he may go if pushed and that creates a status quo . Like children in the school yard, the bully is feared by all.

Too many people deal with morality from their own point of view and this is extremely dangerous for like the wolf in the wild, they only know what their history teaches. It is imperative that we deal with countries on their own terms not ours.  This same basic concept explains the mentality of the suicide bomber. They aren't crazy or stupid just dedicated to a different belief. So you see that while multitudes condemn the actions of George Bush, I consider him worldly and capable as he , in my view, speaks the international tough guy language and that my friends keeps us safer.


The Final Fifteen Feet of Hose....

Incase you haven't heard of this controversial title, its the study that we paid $750,000 dollars for to find out that the oil companies aren't ripping us off. Its a great piece of fiction. It says that crude oil prices are to blame for gas prices doubling in some areas in the last year. It also states that it couldn't find any empirical proof that prices increase before long weekends. They find it more likely that dealers try to restore margins eroded by nearby competition, by mid week. 

Well are you insulted. I know I am. Not only did we pay an incredible price for the umpteenth time for government side step blindness but they have the nerve to assume that we are all stupid and would actually buy this crap. They don't really want to talk about the fact that gas tax is 16 to 23 times what it was in 1984. Industry Minister Brian Tobin thinks we got it pretty good at the pump. If I had his pay check I suppose I would consider it pretty good myself. 

In any event there are two ways that this can go...either this will just get buried in bureaucracy  or the government will spend another whopping bundle on more fiction to disperse the anger. Anyway you look at it, as usual, they win, you pay more..and more...and more.



Is Big Brother Watching You....     

My good friend Jack in Ontario spoke to me the other day and asked if I had a particular file on my system and told me about "SPYWARE". I looked and sure enough I did. I told him I used a Fire Wall and wasn't really worried about it. He gave me a web site to go to and I was not overly concerned until I started to look in my system directory only to find that I had every single spy file listed on this site. What really got me was what these files actually do. Serial Numbers, File names, personal information and more. Some of these files actually reprogram parts of your system to override protection against them  ...I was shocked.. Some of the programs they came from are high profile companies which infuriated me even more.  

I suggest to all readers that you go to the site listed below and check and see if you have been violated as well.

Get rid of the offending files and their programs, If you don't know how,  the site below will let you get software that will help you. Send an email to the writers of the offending software and tell them that you don't like their spying on you.  Send "Aureate Media Corporation"( an email and tell them that you don't approve of their stealing personal information....Send a few...get nasty..Tell a friend and ask them to do the same thing.  Aureate already knows a lot more about you than you know about them.

Last but not least an apology to Jack Folland for not taking this very seriously at first mention. 


The Real Wolf in Sheeps Clothing.....     

Its been a good while since my temper reeled on the news that the convicted thief David Stupitch basically goes free with a ludicrous lavish home confinement sentence for his part in Bingogate. Nothing has changed with continual luxury spending habits by politicians and leading the pack is now ousted Privacy Commissioner  George Radwanski. 

George Radwanski lost his job for irresponsibly spending our money on expensive dinners and lavish travel expenses.

 Arrogant and smug, this guy knows that there is little that the government will do to prosecute him...after all... Nobody wants to admit that what this guy did is normal practice... (only not so blatant.)  If questioned...I'm sure he would open a can of worms bigger than Bingo gate

OOPS...Did I really forgive Georges Tax Debt..... Have to look into that one when I have time...says the Prime Minister

Everybody is just picking on me cause I'm doing such a great job...says George.  

Well Hmmm .... God knows We Don't want to touch it... cause that would eventually end up being a desk job in WaWa for some,  and a step on the toes of influential friends..   says the law.

So now its public and they want George to quit.... but they can't fire him ( that's Senates job) so George gets an $80,000 payment er severance to quit 4 months 

Yes Sir...George is smiling for a reason. He took advantage of an entire nation and got away with it.

The Government has cut back medical funding, Social service support and educational support due to lack of funds, yet crap like this goes on every day in every corner of government. Outlandish salaries, ludicrous spending habits by most departments and select upper members, and trips to far reaching countries to discuss government business that should be conducted in a local Holiday Inn. 

As a tax payer I want Radwanski to pay back all the money he spent over and above the set guidelines and I want those guidelines published. I want a hearing into why his tax debt was forgiven and I want the purchasing habits of government to be public record.... Oh..   Sorry I was dreaming out loud in La La Land.



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                                                                          Two things are infinite.......

The Universe and Human Stupidity

And I'm not sure about the Universe

                                                               ..........Albert Einstein