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    These are the projects that I have been working on. I can't add all projects as most have restrictions for cameras and or mentioning the story line.

Its an amazing process!!


Film & TV Credit

(Toronto) Cocktail, Counterstrike, The Fly, This is Your Life, Top Cops,

 (Vancouver)   After Shock, Atomic Train, Detox, Final Destination, My 5 Wives, Quarantine, MVP Most Valuable Primate, Sweetwater, Harsh Realm, Final Destination,Y2K, Asahi Beer, Toyota, US West, Dudley Doright, Ice Angel, Hope Island, Marine Life, Miracle on the 17th Green, Air Bud III, 7 Days, Anti Trust, Black Top, The 6th Day, Along Came A Spider, The Sports Pages, Get Carter, The Whole Shebang, Stargate SG1, Grey Matter (music video), Freddy Got Fingered,  Dark Angel.



Filmed in Vancouver, Quarentine is scheduled to be released this fall starring Nastazia Kinski and Harry Hamlin. A very bad bug, Government intervention, and alot of very sick people. I play one of the unfortunate recipients of this very deadly virus.

22pic1.bmp (230454 bytes)    Film0002.bmp (230454 bytes)

Filmed at the PNE Colesium, the main floor area was converted into a make shift hospital shown above.

Film0004.bmp (230454 bytes)         Film0005.bmp (230454 bytes)

In the shots above, the secret service protects the presidents wife who has contracted the deadly disease.

 Film0006.bmp (230454 bytes)  Film0001.bmp (921654 bytes)               

   I've never seen a producer move so fast so often, and Gerry gets dead with a little help from Crystal


harry.JPG (26889 bytes)

On the set of Quarentine with Harrey Hamlin (Clash of the Titans, L.A.Law) I play one of the towns folk infected by the virus and Harrey plays the President of the United States.



Filmed in North Vancouver, and New York City, After Shock deals with the effects of an Earth Quake and the the resulting AfterShock

Lots of special effects,dust, injured people, Rubble....  


 aftershock.BMP (128934 bytes)

  Film5.bmp (230454 bytes)  Film6.bmp (230454 bytes)  school.BMP (128934 bytes)

The sets are incredible as you can see above. The picture on the left shows the aftermath of an earth quake on a school (centre). Everything looks real down to the last brick, however its all made of Styrofoam. Picture at right shows the same set from the rear view. Far right, A view from the helicopter of the school. Only the school portion and directly infront here is real, the rest is CGI animation.


                    carson.BMP (128934 bytes)  dutton.BMP (128934 bytes)  

                      lawrence.BMP (128934 bytes)  skerrit.BMP (128934 bytes)     

                                          tyson.BMP (128934 bytes)  

  city.BMP (128934 bytes)  fall.BMP (128934 bytes)


   bridge.BMP (128934 bytes)     explode.BMP (128934 bytes)

                                  Film7.bmp (230454 bytes)

Mark Rolston (Aliens) and I between takes. I play the camera man from WNIZ News filming the disaster.


 MVP ...Most Valuable Primate

Filmed in West Vancouver,Originally called Snapshot,, MVP  is a comedy about hockey, some kids and a Chimpanzee.

       05149007.bmp (230454 bytes)  05149004.bmp (230454 bytes) 

Moose is about to charge an opponent after being knocked flat.

Comedy is hard work, This scene took 2 hours for a single 10 second shot. 

05159010.bmp (230454 bytes)    05149008.bmp (230454 bytes)

Rick Ducommun ( The Burbs, Die Hard, Last Action Hero) and I on set. We played opposing coaches.


I was fortunate to be involved in the production of "Sweetwater" filmed at the Vogue theater and local clubs in Vancouver. As a background performer I was lucky to be a part of many different scenes. I also got the opertunity to thank Terry David Mulligan for all the help he gave my mother when she modeled for Eatons in Toronto.

Sweetwater was formed in 1968 and was the first band on the roster at Woodstock in 1969. They performed on several shows of the day like Red Skelton, American Bandstand, and others, released several albums but never quite recovered from an almost fatal accident that took Nancy Nevins (Lead Vocal) away from the band at there high point.. They eventually disbanded but reunited with some of the original performers at Woodstock II in 1995.

New songs and rekindled interest in past works has propelled Sweetwater into the lime light and the movie screen with a docu-drama being released by VH-1 in August. Michelle Philips ( Mama and the Papas) plays Nancy in the later years, while Amy Jo Johnson (Felicity..Tv Series) plays Nancy in her early years. Due to differences in Nancy and Amy Jo's voice, the producers had Amy Jo sing some of the tracks on the film, but the closing performance with Michelle Philips (below left) is actually Nancy singing.

06039001.bmp (230454 bytes)      06039002.bmp (230454 bytes)

End of the film performance at the Whiskey A Go Go (left) and the three Nancy's after the shoot (from left...Amy Jo Johnson, Nancy Nevins, Michelle Philips)


Final Destination

AKA Flight 180 is a film about 5 kids who avoid death by cancelling a flight before it crashes, but death has other plans and tracks them down one by one. Scheduled for release  summer 2000, this Scream clone has some funny parts as well.

06099002.bmp (230454 bytes)  06099003.bmp (230454 bytes)

We were doing walk throughs as background travellers on this film connecting and departing on flights while the actors did their parts near the main terminal.entrance.

06109006.bmp (230454 bytes) space4.BMP (229494 bytes)

space2.BMP (229494 bytes) space.BMP (229494 bytes)

A view of filming from the airport escalator and some film shots taken through the actual main camera


My 5 Wives

Laughs abound in this comedy starring Rodney Dangerfield, John Byner, Andrew "Dice" Clay, and John Pinette, The story takes place in a little Homish town of Redwood Springs. Rodney Dangerfield  plays Monty, a nice guy that besides ending up with too many wives gets caught up in a counterfeit money scam. 

I play a store clerk and  appear all over but most prominantly in the crowd scene outside the bank.

06119015.bmp (230454 bytes) 06119016.bmp (230454 bytes)

Some of the actors relaxing on the porch between takes. This part of the film was done at the Burnaby Museum.

06119017.bmp (230454 bytes) 06119018.bmp (230454 bytes)

A view of the Redwood Springs set which is actually the Bunaby Museum.

06159008.bmp (230454 bytes)  06159012.bmp (230454 bytes)

Tony & Shuffles ( Andrew "Dice" Clay & Rob Deluw) arive at the bank to speak to "Gates & Stewart" ( John Byner & John Pinette) about the counterfeit money.


06159019.bmp (230454 bytes) 

Rodney Dangerfield speaks to the Producer to clarify the shots inside the general store. Rodney was hands on. He new what he wanted and did most of the shots adlib. He told me that he has a library of jokes for every situtation and never adds a joke, just replaces old with new. He is a nice man and at 77 can still pull in the laughs.


Cold Squad

This is the third season for this TV drama. In this scene, a Rock star is served by a federal agent outside the Vogue Theater and a small riot ensues.

07269001.bmp (230454 bytes)   07269004.bmp (230454 bytes)

07269011.bmp (230454 bytes)   07269012.bmp (230454 bytes)

Harsh Realm

harshrealm.jpg (13597 bytes) After seeing the horrors of war in Sarajevo, Lt. Thomas Hobbes is finally ready to settle down with his fience Sophie. But the military has one more assignment for Hobbes - test out the newest in military combat training - a top secret computer simulation known as Harsh Realm. Inside Harsh Realm, Hobbes immediately finds himself fighting for his life, forming an uneasy alliance with a virtual character, Mike Pinochio. But as he pursues his mission - beating the highest scoring player, Omar Santiago - Hobbes begins to realize that Harsh Realm is more than just a game. And what's worse - he's trapped inside this world, which is without rules and without mercy.

Starring Scott Bairstow, D.B. Sweeney. Terry O'Quinn, Rachel Hayward

  09239014.bmp (230454 bytes)



hrealm2x.jpg (17472 bytes)








 08209023.bmp (230454 bytes)   08209027.bmp (230454 bytes)










  fred1.BMP (258174 bytes) fred2.BMP (258174 bytes) fred6.BMP (258174 bytes) fred3.BMP (258174 bytes)

 Fred gets belted by Rachel

me and rachel big.jpg (17684 bytes) 

After the shot ..No hard feelings

09239008.bmp (230454 bytes)  wpe4.jpg (16081 bytes) 



    wpe9.jpg (84517 bytes)



harshrfilm01.bmp (316998 bytes)  

  Only made the opening credits    in this shot



  Even got a field shot.

wpe9.jpg (8881 bytes)







 This was the first Harsh Realm I got to work in.

Its amazing that almost a full days pay went in 4 seconds of film


me.bmp (623354 bytes)

Didn't get much exposure in this episode but it was great just being there.


me2.bmp (483414 bytes)

Hobbs Busts us out of Jail

On Monday October 25th 99, Fox announced the cancellation of Harsh Realm after only 3 episodes siteing low ratings. While they admit the promotion side of things was weak, Fox does not intend to continue airing the program. All the actors are disappointed as are all of us.

Harsh Realm is back on Space Channel for limited re-run( Saturdays 1am EST/ 10pm PST)


Hope Island

Popular series shot in Squamish B.C., the stories revolve around happenings in this small town.

09109001.bmp (230454 bytes)     09109004.bmp (230454 bytes)

          09109002.bmp (230454 bytes)


  Marine Life

This is a fun film for the CBC starring Cybil Shepherd that was filmed near Rec Beach. Its hard to believe that we can get paid for having fun on the beach but sometimes you luck out.

09139001.bmp (230454 bytes) 09139009.bmp (230454 bytes)

09139011.bmp (230454 bytes) 09139006.bmp (230454 bytes)



Miracle on the 17th Green

Travis McKinley ( Robert Urich) is an ordinary man until, on Christmas day, he finds himself in the "zone"--playing golf like a pro. Later, at the Boon Valley Classic, the TV audience watches as a miracle changes Travis and his family foreve

  wpeB.jpg (30657 bytes)

Best in Show

A comedic parady about dog shows and their owners, starring Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, Cathrine O'Hara

08129035.bmp (230454 bytes)

A shocked Eugene Levy as his dog wins Best in Show.  

  08129038.bmp (230454 bytes)

  Cathrine O'Hara, Georgia and I after the shoot.

Grey Matter  "The Hermit" ( Bravo Channel-CHUM Limited )


This video was produced and directed by David Ray and Carolyn Allain and revolves around a worker in a plant doing his job..repetetive and consistant he works when others have long gone. Maticulous but tired. Lost in the duty that is his job.

The video was shot over 2 days repeating steps over 100 times from every angle and speed. 

My thanks and appreciation go to Carolyn, David, and the crew for giving me the chance to be apart of this wonderful project. 




Freddy Got Fingered

Comedy about the rescue of 2 Vietnam vets after 9 years in captivity starring 

Rip Torn and Tom Green. 


The Airport runway scene when Tom & Rip come off the plane and are wisked away by Limo..


Rip Torn and I between takes and Terry David Mulligan was on set for Much Music.




This was a shot of Tom Green & I

 However the girl taking the picture was a little pre occupied with Tom as were about 30 others.








The 1980 Lake Placid Olympic  Hockey Series is relived in this Disney production starring Kurt Russel as the tenacious and master strategist coach Herb Brooks who convinced arch rival players from Boston and Minnesota, that they could defeat the Russian Monster team. Surrounded in controversy and political preasure, this series was unforgettable.















photo/movie_pix/twentieth_century_fox/fantastic_four/michael_chiklis/fantastic1-th3.jpg  photo/movie_pix/twentieth_century_fox/fantastic_four/ioan_gruffudd/fantastic1-th3.jpg




Image    Image  




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More Pictures to Follow.