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Favorite Links                      wavplay.gif (11810 bytes)   "Relax"  by Franky Goes to Hollywood

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Here are a few sites I find usefull.

        If you have a favorite site you enjoy, let me know.

Popular Sites

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TV Guide Listings


Got a favorite site, Let me know.....

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                            Favorite TV Shows and Movies


                                             existenz.BMP (229494 bytes) Matrix.BMP (229494 bytes)    wpe3.jpg (11061 bytes)

                                                 existenz                                 Matrix

                                  psycho.BMP (258174 bytes) faculty.BMP (258174 bytes)

                                                  Psycho                               The Faculty                           

                                            quantumleap.BMP (229494 bytes) startrek.BMP (229494 bytes)   tv_off.gif (4680 bytes)

                                              Quantum Leap                          Star Trek

                                           sliders.BMP (229494 bytes) timetunnel.BMP (229494 bytes)

                                                   Sliders                               Time Tunnel


                                          twilightzone.BMP (229494 bytes) xfiles.BMP (229494 bytes)

                                                Twilight Zone                          The X-Files

                               Star trek Voyager.BMP (258174 bytes) Mk.bmp (258174 bytes)

                                      Start Trek Voyager                  Mortal Kombat

storm.BMP (57174 bytes) 

The Perfect Storm      8 Mile


                                          Favorite Music

                                            jewel1.BMP (229494 bytes)   supertramp.BMP (229494 bytes)  FarmersDaughter.BMP (229494 bytes)      Sounder.gif (538 bytes)

                                         Jewel                   Supertramp       Farmers Daughter

                        Amanda marshall.BMP (258174 bytes) Phil2.BMP (258174 bytes) Shania1.BMP (258174 bytes)

                         Amanda Marshall           Phil Collins                   Shania Twain

                            Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Metalica, ACDC, ZZ Top, Enya, +++