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StereoBlackSml.jpg (4892 bytes) Jonathan Davis has now completed work with composer Richard Gibbs on several songs to be featured on the soundtrack (details below). Jonathan Davis will be Lestat's singing voice in the film. Early rumours reported that Korn would appear in the film as the members of Lestat's band, 'Satan's Night Out'. This has proven to be untrue, and band members have been filled by Australian actors (see Cast). Another rumour was that Jonathan may appear in the film in a cameo role, and this is also untrue...

StereoBlackSml.jpg (4892 bytes) The most prominent rumour surrounding the music for the film is that all members of Korn are involved. The band is definitely not, though Munky and Head did play guitar on the tracks. It is important to Jon that this is understood as a separate project for him. Jon is very happy in Korn and is involved in this side project with their blessing (obviously, with Munky and Head lending their talents). Jon has said repeatedly that he looks at film scoring as a creative release outside of Korn instead of doing a solo album, which would definitely not be in the band's best interests. It is also important that he and Richard Gibbs receive equal credit for the film's music. They have decided to split all responsibilities for the music including songwriting, score composition, production, music direction, even conducting the orchestra (Richard's going to give Jon conducting lessons!)

StereoBlackSml.jpg (4892 bytes) Jonathan will soon be working with Richard on the film's instrumental score with a 100 piece orchestra. The score will not be written until director Michael Rymer finishes cutting the film, probably sometime in March or April (or later...?) Word is that the score may involve an Egyptian sound in order to conicide with the Egyptian theme of the film... In an interview, Richard has also said to look for a "deeply twisted anguished tormented orchestral score".

StereoBlackSml.jpg (4892 bytes) There will definitely be a soundtrack album for the film, if not two or three (Lestat songs, the score, and maybe another "music inspired by" CD (?) Release dates have not yet been determined, but one would assume that the songs will be released prior to the film for movie publicity. There are five Lestat songs in the movie (listed below) There are also five additional tracks in various stages of completion, the titles of which have not yet been revealed.



Jonathan Davis (Vocals)

Munky (Guitar)

Terry Bozzio (Studio musician - Drums)

Vinnie Colaiuta (Studio musician - Drums)

Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit - Bass Guitar)



Jonathan Davis (Korn)

Richard Gibbs (ex-Oingo Boingo)



Richard Gibbs

Jonathan Davis



Slept So Long

Not Meant For Me





StereoBlackSml.jpg (4892 bytes) Jonathan describes the songs as "really gothic and atmospheric but still heavy." He has admitted, "At first, the movie people were skeptical. I had to convince them it wouldn't sound like Korn or heavy metal." In an article entitled Korn's Vampire Movie!, Jonathan has also stated, "I wrote the music for the band and I'll be Lestat's singing voice in the movie... He's in a rock band, so these are heavy songs, but in their own different way. It's something totally different to Korn. Dark, vampiric music."

StereoBlackSml.jpg (4892 bytes) Contrary to early rumours that a variety of musical artists would be featured in the film, the soundtrack will mainly consist of brand new tunes by Jon and Richard. Aaliyah may also contribute a song or two, but details of her musical involvement remain sketchy. However, the soundtrack contents have definitely been decided on, and work is well underway on both the songs and score...


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At the Death Valley concert held in December, 2000, concert-goers were lucky enough to hear the songs 'Slept So Long' and 'Not Meant For Me' in their entirity. These two songs were extremely well received by the crowd. They're definitely addictive! Click on the links below for more details and full lyrics... :)

Slept So Long

Not Meant For Me

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Interesting Fact:

As you may or may not know, in the film Lestat is a virtuoso violinist. In order to convey his extraordinary musical abilities, Jon and Richard wrote and produced solo violin pieces and hired Shankar to perform them. Shankar is an unequaled Indian classical virtuoso who is best known in the West for his performances with Peter Gabriel and the group Shakti.


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