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This page features every link I have found on the web that contains information about the film.
Websites are listed in categories, followed by alphabetical order.

If you would like to link to my website, please feel free to use the following banner:

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Official Site:

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The Queen of the Damned

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Queen of the Damned/Chronicles Sites

All Things Ricean FanPage
A great up-and-coming Chronicles site. Be sure to check out the very cute 'Cartoon Chronicles!'

Anne Rice Central
Fantastic Anne Rice site with lots of great graphics!

Anne Rice Online
A very comprehensive site and a must-see for any fan of Anne and her works. Keep a look out for an article about my site in the July edition of the quarterly e-zine! (use the Opinions link)

Anne Rice's Vampires - The Casting Game
decide who you think should play the vampires! Also contains information about 'Interview With The Vampire' and 'Queen of the Damned'.

Blackcat's Anne Rice Site
Yet another great site with information about the witches, vampires, Anne and the movie. Also be sure to check out the fantastic range of website awards available!

The Chronicle
"The news Source for Anne Rice, the Vampire Chronicles and the Queen of the Damned Movie"!

Interview with Michael Rymer - Urban Cinefile
Fantastic interview with director Micheal Rymer about his work on 'Queen of the Damned'! The interview is in Real Audio format so you can hear the full 15 minute conversation for yourself.

Le Jardin Sauvage
Beautifully designed site with comprehensive info about the Chronicles and much more!

The Lestathenaeum
'For the appreciation and veneration of Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat'.

Michelle's Mansion - Anne Rice
A fan site all about The Vampire Chronicles, with a section concerning the upcoming movie.

Official Anne Rice Website
The official site dedicated to the author, but movie updates are quite irregular.

Queen Akasha Online
Part of the Teen Element Movie Network, an up-and-coming site about the film.

Queen of the Damned - Extras Exposed
Hold down the metallic wheels to enter, and then select the 'Queen of the Damned' link. Includes pictures of goth extras from the Melbourne shoot!

BannerQotDMovieCast2.jpg (15017 bytes)The Queen of the Damned Movie Cast Site
My sister site! :) This is a
wonderful webpage that specifically concerns the casting issues of the film, with both a 'Confirmed Cast' section and a 'Dream Cast' section. There is also a great 'News' page where you can find all the latest information about the film. I stongly recommend this website!

Ricean E-Cards
This site allows you to send virtual postcards, with a selection of images and musical accompaniments to choose from. The cards are beautifully designed, and combine pictures of Paris, New Orleans and Louisiana with images of Lestat, Louis, Claudia and Armand from the movie Interview With The Vampire.

The Unofficial Queen of the Damned Homepage
Another website dedicated entirely to the upcoming QotD film.

Vampire Chronicles Online
An up-and-coming fansite that has information on anything and everything to do with the Chronicles, including movie updates on QotD.

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Actor/Actress/Music Fansites

Aaliyah Always
A fansite dedicated to the R&B artist/up-and-coming actress who will play Akasha!

Access Aaliyah (previously 100% Aaliyah)
Newly updated fansite with lots of useful information about Aaliyah.

The Aaliyah Experience
A comprehensive fansite about all things Aaliyah. Also features information about her upcoming projects.

Claudia Black Online
A comprehensive site dedicated to the Australian actress who will play Pandora!
The 'News and Rumours' section is the place to look for the latest Korn music updates. You can also search through the archives.

Lena Olin Corner
A site dedicated to the Swedish actress who will play Maharet!

Marguerite Moreau Tribute
A site dedicated to the young actress who will play Jesse!

MTV Online
The place to go for all the latest information about the musical artists working on the film! Past articles include:
"Korn's Davis to Score Vampire Pic" (6. March, 2000):

About Jonathan Davis and the QotD score.
"Aaliyah, Korn's Davis for Queen of the Damned" (19. April, 2000):
Announces Aaliyah's consideration for Akasha.

The Stuart Townsend Fanpage
A great site to keep an eye on for all the latest news concerning our new Lestat!!!

The Unofficial Stuart Townsend Website
Another comprehensive site all about Stuart.

The Vincent Perez Archives
A fantastic site with over 300 photos of the actor who will play Marius!

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Queen of the Damned Movie News

Chris' Korn Site - Korn News - QotD Soundtrack Page
This page is the best source of Korn music/movie information I've come across so far.

Chud: 'Cinematic Happenings Under Development'
Movie news and more...for example:
"Queen of the WTF?"  (14. April, 2000)
Insightful look at why Wes might have dropped out!

Cinema Confidential - Tom's Movie Buzz
Movie news on upcoming films - updated regularly.

Cinescape Online Queen of the Damned Page
Includes general movie information and several related articles. Scroll down the 'Movie Previews' list to find Queen of the Damned.

Corona's Coming Attractions - The Queen of the Damned
A good source of information about earlier film developments. Also features regular updates.

Countdown to Queen of the Damned
Consists of movie information and articles sent in by site visitors.

Dark Horizons
A great source of information! Keep a look out for inside information about the film in the daily updates. - Coming Soon!
Another great source of information updated daily. Use the news archives to find past information.

IGN Movies
Use the news archives to find information. Here are two older articles:
"Do you have to sign in blood?"   (29. February, 2000):
Looks at how the 'deal' was almost done with Wes.
"Will Wes Bite?"  (23. February, 2000):

All about how Wes was up for the role of Lestat.

Internet Movie Database - The Queen of the Damned
For all the facts about the production! It contains cast and production credits, movie connections, location details, and links to this site and my QotD Yahoo Club.

Movie - Movie News
More movie news updated daily.

The Z Review
A UK movie site with a huge amount of info! The 'Queen of the Damned' synopsis was provided by me!

Upcoming Movies - The Queen of the Damned
This is where I first found out about the film! Includes updates and lots of speculation about the movie.

Warner Brothers Official Website
Unfortunately, this site is yet to mention 'Queen of the Damned'. However, it is obviously a place to watch!

Yahoo! Entertainment News
News articles are released periodically concerning the film. I recommend signing up for Yahoo News updates on topics such as Queen of the Damned, Warner Brothers and Anne Rice for e-mail notification of news events.

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Queen of the Damned General Information

4 Filmmakers - The Queen of the Damned
Basic production credits, but the site is apparently from "inside the industry" and all names listed here are considered as official.

Ain't It Cool News
Type title in search box for related articles, or click the following links!
"Our Spyder Takes a Look at The Queen of the Damned Script"  (30. March, 2000)
"Wes Bentley up for the Role of Lestat in Queen of the Damned"  (22. February, 2000)

A Dream of Waking
Features some fantastic pictures of some famous cemeteries around America, including a page dedicated to the Lafayette cemetery.

E! Online - Movies - The Queen of the Damned
Use search box to find related articles.

Empire Online
Use search box, to find information such as:
"American Beauty meets Anne Rice"  (3. March, 2000):
Tiny article announcing the previous casting of Wes as Lestat.

Entertainment Tonight Online
Again, type the movie title in search box to find related articles.

Entertainment Weekly
Use search box to find articles like:

"Pass the Baton"  (4. May, 2000):
Small article about Jonathan Davis and the QotD score.

Horror Online
Nothing there yet, but perhaps a place to watch?

Miqque on the Web - Speculative Fiction Central
Scroll down to find a small section on QotD.

Mr Showbiz
Search through the News Archives for info such as:
"Bentley Out, Aaliyah in for Vampire Flick"  (14. April, 2000)

Popcorn - Movies, Cinema and Film
A really good British movie website. Use the search box to find five related articles.

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Australian Newspapers

National Australian News Database
Search archives for 'Queen of the Damned'.

The Age Online
Melbourne newspaper number one.

The Herald Sun
Melbourne newspaper number two.


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