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All major roles have been confirmed. Click on the names below for more information from the 'Internet Movie Database', or visit the fansites provided.


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Stuart Townsend
(Shooting Fish, Wonderland, About Adam)

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For more official photos of Stuart as Lestat,
visit my Official Movie Photos section.

For more information about Stuart, visit:
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Aaliyah Haughton
(R&B artist - made her acting debut in Romeo Must Die)

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For more official photos of Aaliyah as Akasha,
visit my Official Movie Photos section.

For more information about Aaliyah, visit:
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Marguerite Moreau
(Rave MacBeth, Off The Lip)

For more information about Marguerite, visit:
Marguerite Moreau Tribute


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LenaFace.jpg (11893 bytes)           Lena_MaharetSml.jpg (9179 bytes)           LenaOlin_News.jpg (11588 bytes)

Lena Olin
(The Ninth Gate, Chocolat)

For more information about Lena, visit:
Lena Olin Corner


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Vincent.jpg (13886 bytes)          Marius2.jpg (12534 bytes)           Marius.jpg (7976 bytes)  

Vincent Perez
(The Crow: City of Angels, I Dreamed of Africa)

MariusLestatSml.jpg (5171 bytes)
Marius and Lestat as printed in 'The Herald Sun' (8/12/00)

For more information about Vincent, visit:
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Hugo Weaving
(The Matrix, The Interview)
[Hugo declined the role of Marius]


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Claudia Black
(Pitch Black, Farscape)

For more information about Claudia, visit:
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Matthew Newton
(Looking for Alibrandi, My Mother Frank)


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PaulMcGann3.jpg (9503 bytes)          PaulMcGann2.jpg (12208 bytes)           PaulMcGann4Sml.jpg (14181 bytes)

Paul McGann
(Doctor Who Movie, FairyTale - A True Story)

For more information about Paul, visit:
The Paul McGann Website


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BruceSml.jpg (10591 bytes)

Bruce Spence
(Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Dark City)


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Christian Manon
(Mission: Impossible 2, Babe 2)


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(Business Manager of Satan's Night Out)

TirielMora.jpg (19271 bytes)

Tiriel Mora
(The Castle, Frontline)


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(Lestat's band)


Cast13.jpg (5874 bytes)
(aka. Tough Cookie)

Megan Dorman
Megan is an Australian actress from Brisbane and has done one feature film before, 'City Loop', which had a short season with the Dendy cinemas. She also starred in the Australian drama series, Head Start. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about this young actress in the months to come!


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RobertFarnham.jpg (7714 bytes)

Robert Farnham (John Farnham's son) is also in the band, presumably as either James or Alex.

The Mavis's Becky Thomas (keyboards) and Nick Gill (guitar) may also be members of Satan's Night Out, perhaps as Louisa and James/Alex?


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(Akasha's husband)

Peter Olsen
(no information yet on the IMDb)


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ReneeQuastSml.jpg (12348 bytes)

On 30th October, 2000, Melbourne newspaper 'The Herald Sun' featured an article entitled 'Tasty Role in Vamp Flick'. Australian bartender Renee Quast will play a "sucking girl vampire" in the film. I'm guessing that she'll probably be featured in one of the vampire nightclub scenes (see script pages 26-30). Click here to read the scanned article...

AndrewLUrban.jpg (11846 bytes)           AndrewLUrban2Sml.jpg (12966 bytes)

Andrew L. Urban announced his very own casting on his website, Urban Cinefile. He will play a journalist at Satan's Night Out's London press conference. As a result of his casting, Andrew was able to conduct a fantastic on-set interview with director Michael Rymer about his work on 'Queen of the Damned'. I have transcribed the entire interview here, or click here to visit the relevant page and hear this revealing interview for yourself! :)


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Which young actor could have played the much coveted role of Lestat???

After several months of speculation, the part was finally filled in July, 2000. This pivotal decision followed a series of rumours and controversy concerning the casting of the most famous vampire of all, the Vampire Lestat. Many actors were persued, but I came to know of six who were reportedly considered for the role. So many contenders lead to understandable confusion among fans. As a result, I have put together a short run-down of the these candidates and their association with this film:

HeathFace.jpg (13883 bytes)1) Heath Ledger - (The Patriot, 10 Things I Hate About You)
Earlier this year, he was definitely "in talks" for the role of
"a vampire"
, although it was never specified which one. Several sources said it was not Lestat, and rather another minor character (perhaps Armand?). However, others insisted he was offered the role of Lestat. Recently, this rumour was refuelled by a misleading tipster over at 'Corona's Coming Attractions'. This information was totally inaccurate. Be assured that Heath has definitely had to pass on the project due to other film commitments.


Wes.jpg (4190 bytes)

2) Wes Bentley - (American Beauty, Beloved)
He was
extremely close to signing on for the film, but backed out at the very last minute leaving Warner Brothers rather 'annoyed'. Wes and the studio have since come to an "amicable resolution".


Josh.jpg (7993 bytes)
3) Josh Hartnett - (The Faculty, Halloween H20, Here On Earth)
Josh became the frontrunner for Lestat soon after Wes's abrupt exit. He was supposedly "in talks" for the role and the leading candidate at the time. Little was reported thereafter, fuming speculation that the "talks" fell through.


Jonathan1.jpg (7483 bytes)

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
- (Velvet Goldmine, Ride With The Devil)
A very
short-lived rumour started by a tipster over at 'Corona's Coming Attractions'. It's doubtful this ever had any truth to it.


StuartSml.jpg (5004 bytes)
5) Stuart Townsend - (Shooting Fish, Wonderland, Almost Adam)
Four reputable sites reported his candidacy in a matter of hours!!! This young actor was immediately the most promising contender after Bentley's withdrawal. It took a few weeks longer for his casting to become finalised...
For more about Stuart, visit the Unofficial Stuart Townsend Site!


KirklandSml.jpg (11402 bytes)6) Anthony Kirkland Jr. - (unknown American actor
This 22-year-old actor from Georgia reportedly met with casting directors in July in Houston and was under consideration for the role. The meetings were kept extremely quiet and, at first, it wasn't entirely known just what part he was actually being tested for! However, despite his candidacy, and the candicacy of the other contenders, Stuart Townsend ultimately won the role.
For more about Anthony, visit my Anthony Kirkland Jr Page


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MenaSml.jpg (6003 bytes)            LivSml.gif (7566 bytes)            SimonSml.jpg (9564 bytes)             CateSml.jpg (8892 bytes)
Mena Suvari                    Liv Tyler                         Simon Baker                 Cate Blanchett

Character Unknown (Jesse?) - Mena Suvari  (American Beauty)
An early rumour that proved to be false.

Character Unknown - Liv Tyler (Armageddon)
Another early rumour, but Liv is currently busy working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy over in New Zealand, and so this rumour was also false.

Character Unknown - Simon Baker [aka Simon Baker-Denny] (Red Planet)
Despite ongoing rumours, it has now been pretty much confirmed that Simon will not be involved with this film.

Character Unknown (Gabrielle?) - Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth)
Apparently, Wes Bentley (when he was set to be Lestat) mentioned in an interview that he would have liked to have had Cate Blanchett appear in the movie with him. I'm not sure of his reason, or if she was ever approached (she'd make a perfect Gabrielle!) However, Cate has conflicting film obligations during the production of Queen of the Damned. Therefore, even if Cate was approached, she would not have been able to participate.

Chracter Unknown (Jesse?) - Janelle Mclean (no picture or info on the IMDb)
A rumour started by a fellow Australian - I'm not sure what happened with this actress.


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Gabrielle - Julia Roberts (???)

JuliaSml.jpg (15758 bytes)In July, 2000, a tipster over at 'Corona's Coming Attractions' reported that Julia was being persued to play a small role as Gabrielle to give the film some big name credibility! And they were reportedly negotiating with her for a fraction of her usual ($20 million) asking price! I am extremely skeptical of this rumour for a number of reasons. Julia is a popular actress who can choose any role in any film she wants. Why would she want to do a small budget teenage thriller at a fraction of her usual price? And the character of Gabrielle isn't even featured in the early draft of the script, and so they'd probably have to write the role especially for her! Let's just say, I'll believe this when I see it!!!


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Debbie Campbell has created some fantastic speculative images of what Stuart, Aaliyah, Marguerite and the rest of the cast may look like in their respective roles.  For great images, casting speculation, dream casts and much, much more, visit Debbie's site:

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