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When preproduction began for 1957s THE MYSTERIANS, a monster lackey of the title invaders from the planet Mysteroid was one of the key moments of the story, as it came out of the ground near Mt. Fuji and go on a brief, but destructive rampage until meeting its end at a bridge booby trapped with dynamite. Today, we know this monster as Moguera, a giant burrowing robot. However, originally, Moguera was not to be a machine at all, but a fully living alien beast! However, feeling that the flesh and blood Moguera was too similar in appearance to their most famous character, Godzilla, the creative team of the THE MYSTERIANS changed Moguera from a obedient attack creature to a soulless metal construct. Below are some storyboards featuring Moguera's rejected design, courtesy of Keith Akein of Henshin Online.

Entry Written by Rafael C. Gonzalez