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                                          evilhomr.wav - I am evil homer..                                                                        

                                          smrt.wav - I am so smart, I am so smart, S.m.r.t I mean S.m.a.r.t.                   

                                          homcra.wav - Craaapp...

                                          free.wav - Free mouthwash!, free shampoo!, free shower curtain! 

                                          mrburns.wav - Hello, my name is Mr Burns..

                                          candy.wav - Homer/Marge/Bart: You didn't tell me Mr Burns went broke

                                          1nday.wav - One day honest citizens are going to..

                                          blackhole.wav - I'm going to be sucked into a black hole..

                                          brain.wav - Shut up brain or I'll stab you with a Cue-tip 

            crazy.wav - No TV and no beer makes Homer go...

            dada.wav - Da da, da da da da da da.. 

            20dollar.wav - $20? I wanted a peanut..$20 can buy many peanuts.. 

            kissbut.wav - Kiss my hairy yellow butt

            assofmyself.wav - This ticket gives me the right, no, the duty to make a   

            complete ass of myself

            ohcrap.wav - Ohh crap....

            tiredwrong.wav - Don't you ever get tired of being wrong...

            lencarl.wav - I'm going outside.. to 'stalk' Lenny and Carl...Doh!

            wooho.wav - Woo hoo!

            Suck.wav - You suck diddly-uck Flanders!

            whynow.wav - Why did this have to happen now?

            dean.wav - Hello Dean, you're a stupid head...

            whisky.wav - does whisky count as beer?

            icecream.wav - Ice-cream truck!, me, me I was here first!

            Boogey.wav - Arrghh! Boogey man

            32dohs.wav - Doh! (32 times)

            flush.wav - 999 springs to flush down, 999 springs..

   Homer's Mmmmm's in a zip folder..

            boring.wav - Boring... 

            d'oh!.wav - D'oh! 

            gay.wav - Three simple words, "I Am Gay" 

            Hoomer.wav - Homer..

            care.wav - Just because I don't care it doesn't mean I don't understand... 

            cube.wav - You have 30 minutes to move your car, you have ten minutes..

            10min.wav - I won't be back for 10 minutes..

            brunch.wav- I discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch...

            buscsd.wav - I think it was called "The Bus that couldn't slow down".

            chpony.wav - Isn't there like a pound where you can pick up cheap ponies 

            compustar.wav - No time for that now, the computer's starting

            hudrink.wav - Have you been drinking? No, well 10 beers...

            inuraface.wav - In your face!

            womaber.wav - Actually, a woman is more like a beer... 

            michma.wav - $100, for a comic book! Who drew it, Michael Malanjilo?

            somekeys.wav - Someone found my keys!

            insane.wav - How can you tell who's sane and who's insane?

            likeodds.wav - I like those odds..

            niceidea.wav - What a nice idea son..

            ohhh.wav - Ohhh.. 

            ohyeah.wav - Ohh yeah... 

            point.wav - Don't point that thing at me... 

            whyyou.wav - Why you little... 

            dontknow.wav - I'm somewhere where I don't know where I am

            worst.wav - This is the worst thing that could ever happen to us...

            rhhew.wav - Rhhew...

            scream.wav - Arggghh! 

            suprglu.wav - Superglue my butt!?

            yesar.wav - Yes! Allright!

            tapste.wav - Are you taping it?, I'll watch it later...

            truth.wav - You want the truth? You want the truth? You can't 

            handle the truth...

            anykey.wav - To start press any key... Where's the any key?

            godboy.wav - HA Ha ha ha ha, God boy couldn't get a strike..

            learned.wav - I haven't learned a thing

            clev.wav - He he he... There it is Homer, the cleverest thing you'll ever say 

            and nobody heard it...Doh!

            busu.wav - That kid's got bosoms!

            bmore.wav - Stupid TV!, be more funny


              Bart   top 

            aycaramba.wav - aye caramba!

            bonestorm.wav - I'd like to buy a copy of Bonestorm...   

            cpr.wav - Is that the best you can do?

            cool.wav - Cool...

            hahah.wav - Ha ha ha ha ha...

            Idido.wav - I didn't do it..

            itblows.wav - He blows alright, he blows big time..

            whoheu.wav - Who the hell are you?

            whybutt.wav - Why would anyone want to touch a girls butt?


              Apu    top          

            magapu.wav - You magnificent bastard, I salute you..

            englishapu.wav - Sorry, I do not speak English..

            dishonor.wav - It's great dishonour to my ancestors and my God, but ok  

            apusname.wav - Apu's name

            valint.wav - I think about you every day, and when I get you all alone..

            suih.wav - See you in hell!

            getout.wav - Please pay for your purchases and get out and come again

            twinki.wav - Silly customer!! you cannot hurt a twinkie!!

            boi.wav - We're putting that bitch on ice...  

            armrob.wav - Yes I know the procedure for armed robbery.. I do work 

            in a convenience store you know... 


              Wiggam   top

            egghead.wav - Chief Wiggam/Prof. Frink: This is an ordinary 

            square...Wow wow slow down egghead 

            froban.wav - Chief Wiggam/Lou: There's a couple of guys fighting at the

            Aquarium chief... Do they still sell those frozen bananas?...

            I think so.. Let's roll...  

            whatpizza.wav - Chief Wiggam: What what what what... this better be 

            about pizza

            inflatable.wav - Chief Wiggam: Just get an inflatable one, but make sure 

            it's a woman because this one time...

            hmurder.wav - Chief Wiggam: Homer Simpson, you're under arrest for 

            the murder of Moe Sizlac and Apu Nas-a-pi... just Moe 

            unpossible.wav - Ralph Wiggam: Me fail English? That's unpossible..

            dogbaby.wav - Chief Wiggam: Aww isn't that cute, a baby driving a car, 

            and look there's a dog driving a truck...

            uniform.wav - Chief Wiggam: Never underestimate the appeal of a

            man in uniform...

            takem.wav - Chief Wiggam: Bake em away toys...

            wbadge.wav - Chief Wiggam: Now where did I put my badge? Hey that 

            ducks got it...

            ghostcar.wav - Chief Wiggam: Ohh My God! it just disappeared.... 

            it's a ghost car...

            powdersugar.wav - Chief Wiggam/Marge: Chief you're getting powdered 

            sugar all over my floor, no I'm not, no I'm not, I'm dusting for brench...

            swimnkd.wav - Chief Wiggam: Continue Swimming naked...

            come on ..continue 

            chiefpiggam.wav - Chief Wiggam: He called me Chief Piggam 

            caniarest.wav - Chief Wiggam: Can i arrest any of you people for anything?

            beerc.wav - Chief Wiggam/Lou: I'm proceeding on foot call in at code a.. 

            we need pretzels, repeat pretzels   

            detectivegad.wav - Cheif Wiggam: Sure, just sit down and wait for 

            detective like-i-give-a-damn

            912.wav - Chief Wiggam: You've got the wrong number, this is 912..

            555.wav - Cheif Wiggam/lou: Did you trace the phone number? Sure did     

            chief... 5-5-5 ohhh geeze that's gotta be phony...

            asthma.wav -Chief Wiggam: My asthmas gone, listen to me breathe..

            cbaby.wav - Chief wiggam: no jury in the world is gonna convict a baby....

            maybe Texas.. 

            hasup.wav - Chief wiggam: Alright, come out with your hands up, two 

            cups of coffee, an auto-freshener that says Capricorn and something with 

            coconut on it...    

            flute.wav - Chief Wiggam: That's some nice fluting boy

            one.wav - Ralph Wiggam: Which one is one?

            court.wav - Chief Wiggam: See you in court Simpson, oh and bring that 

            evidence with you otherwise I've got no case...

            bonesey.wav - Chief Wiggam: Well that settles that, there's no silver

            tongue is there bonesy?

            istbonesy.wav - Bonesy - shorter version

            location.wav - Chief Wiggams car location

            babys.wav - Ralph Wiggam: Ms Krabaple and Principle Skinner were in the 

            closet making babies... 

            jebadiahs.wav - Chief Wiggam: Jebadiah Springfield has been replaced 

            with a skeleton...

            sunshl.wav - Chief Wiggam: Look's like we've got ourselves an old

            fashioned car chase...'Sunshine Lollypop'...


             Flanders   top

            indido.wav - Ohh, indeeddoly doodoly..

            ned_doodle.wav - Hey Homey I can see your doodle...

            yelloutdan.wav - I want to yell out but I just can't dang diddly...

            helod.wav - Hello? Hello? hellodiddlyodiddly?  

            bibl.wav - Alright, that's it young man, no Bible stories for you tonight.


             Other  top

            mbur.wav - Kent Brockman: Guess who's gone broke and...

            fish.wav - Disco Stu: Did you know that disco rack and sales were up 

            400% for the year 1986?

            dohder.wav - Homer/Lisa/Marge: Doh! a deer!, a female deer...

            toofat.wav - Operator: The fingers you have used to dial are too fat... 

            killit.wav - Grandpa: Arrgh! Kill it! Kill it!

            ihs.wav - Grandpa: I had sex...

            nooburp.wav - Barney: No!!!... Burp..

            prankcalls.wav - Prank calls to Moe.

            duffbadf.wav - Duffman: Duffman has a bad feeling about this..

            rextub.wav - Rex Banner/Comic Guy: Are you the Beer Baron?

            duffmanp.wav - Duffman: Duffman is thrusting in the direction of the 


            gerp.wav - Grandpa:  I never thought I could shoot down a German plane.

            lionelhutz.wav - Lionel Hutz: I ran over his dog..

            pullout.wav - Krusty: I could have pulled a better cartoon out of my a...

            busiin.wav - Homer/Bart: See that boy why aren't you making any 

            business deals..? I'll do it this afternoon!

            haha.wav - Nelson: Ha Ha!

            hieverybody.wav - Dr Nick: Hi everybody!... hi Dr Nick..

            upurs.wav - Milhouse: Schools out!... up yours Krabaple...

            smi.wav - Mr burns:  (computer startup) Hello Smithers, you're quite 

            good at turning me on...

            hopin.wav - Mr Burns/Smithers: hop in.. but sir.. (gun trigger)

            ...I said 'Hop in'.

            ahoyhoy.wav - Mr Burns: Ahoy Hoy

            sstinky.wav - Barney: Wow! Someone smells stinky!, oh its me..

            doe.wav - Mr burns: Yes you're in deep doh now...

            duh.wav - Marge: Well duh...

            satn.wav - Marge: Bart stop pestering Satan.. 

            inde.wav - Principal Skinner: uh-oh, two independent thought alarms in

            one day

            creditcard.wav - Comic guy: Your phony credit card is no good here, 

            now make like my pants and split.

            ocool.wav - Otto: Cooool...


                                          Songs top

            badcops.wav - Bad Cops song

            wedo.mp3 - We Do (the Stonecutters song)

            balone.wav - My baloney has a first name, it's H.O.M.E.R, my baloney...    

            nacho.wav - Nacho Nacho Man, I want to be a Nacho man

            spring.wav - We put the Spring! in Springfield..

            duff.wav - Duff Beer Song

            plowrap.wav - Mr Plow rap

            profrink.wav - Professor Frink song 

            skinners.wav - Seymore Skinner's song 

            hyum.wav - Homer singing yummy yummy yummy

            flinstones.wav - The Homer Flintstone Song 

            spanishflee.wav - There was a little Spanish flee...

            lisapower.wav - Lisa's power plant protest 

            underthsea.wav - Homer's version of under the sea

            cletus.wav - Cletus the slack jawed yokel

            ned.wav - Hens like roosters, geese like ganders, everyone else likes

            Ned Flanders... 

            lisabirthday.mp3 - Lisa it's your Birthday


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