My Looks

Ok What I look like... well I have blonde hair i'm naturaly brunette but I highlighted it so much that it's basicly blonde now. I have brown eyes which sumtimes turn green or hazel depending on the light. I'm adverage weight and kinda adverage height for my age. I'm a bit small , but not too much. I have what my mum calls "sallow" skin which means kinda tanned but not too much , Mayb I get it from my French ansisters way back , who knows.. I wear a size 6 shoe in UK size. I have my ears pierced and my belly button pierced. Make up wise I wear eye shadow , concealer and eye shadow and I wear contacts mainly colored ones like blue or brown. I used to have my nose pierced but it closed up. and I wana tatoo on my back of a play boy bunny. My hair is naturaly straight but I sumtimes iron it neways , I wear it down mainly but sumtimes I put little plaits in the front or just tie it up. I would like to dye my hair brown again but I duno when. If I keep it blonde i'm guna get red streaks in it.sumtimes my hair looks that blonde.

Career Choices

When i'm older I wana be famous like almost everyone! I can't sing so I guess acting would be my 1st choice. Or a physiotheripost , P.R , journilist or author. I used to want to be a lawyer but it's really hard to get the points and there's lots of paper work and you have to be really smart. I like fashion but I can't see myself being a fashion designer cuz i'm not good at crafts and arty stuff. I like animals too and working with computers. My mum is a secatory and my dad owns his own business and my sister well shes a brainiac no seriously she is soo smart! she got the 2nd highest points in her year so she cud do almost anything! so I doubt i'l take after an of them , I mite just be a homeless old woman on the street with a plastic cup and a sandwhich. No i'm just kidding only the future will show.
My Jewelery

I wear 7 pieces of jewelery and I love them all

The ring is from Nepal my Aunt gave it to me years ago and I luv it. The earings are just silver hoops cuz I can't wear backs on my earings they make them sore. The belly bar is the one I hav in now and I luv it so much. The watch is on my left wrist it's a baby g and used to be my sisters. The cross was given to me as a conformation present 2 years ago and I NEVER take it off! except once n now it's missing its so annoying!! The chocker I got in Italy last year and I luv it! and lastly my new charm braclet on my right wrist I hope it brings me luck!

My Room

My room is lilac and small with a dark pink carpet. It's at the back of the house and it's so cosy. I had a tv n video machine in it but I gave them 2 my mum on loan for a few months (long story) I have a desk and a HUGE HUGE amount of clothes thats my thing!! clothes!! I hav my bed up against a wall. I hav a fan heater aswell as a radiator. and alot of other bits n bobs!! On my right curtain I hav a few things hanging like a toy frog , witch and barbie boat and a mouse teddy these are stuff that mean alot to me for 1 reason or another , even though people think i'm mad!!!
Who I am

Who am I? Well i'm Suzi Vicki McCoy , i'm 15 born on the 11th May 1987 in The Ratunda Hosipital Dublin. I grew up in Dublin and still live there now. I go to a mixed skool on the southside right beside where I live which is handy. I love shopping , sport , guys , clothes , eye make up , my moby phone , lazy days , food , reading , tv , animals , bacardi breezer , pink , music , and acting like a drama queen. I hate early mornings , Mondays , spiders , sharks , all insects , some babies , penuts , and being sick. I am always being called spoilt but I don't think I am. I luv traveling i've been to , Austrailia , America twice , France 3 times , Spain twice , Italy , England , Scotland , Whales , Isle of man , Singapore and Austria. I can play a quater of dow a dear on the piano and my mobile ringtone is "BOYS" by Britney Spears. I luv Christmas and my birthday and Halloween , Easter is ok. I've only ever broken 1 bone and that was my collar bone when I was two. I bite my nails and I don't wear nail varnish. I luv my dog and cat so much they are so cool. My sister who is 18 is evil and my parents r weird!! I am shy when you first meet me but then I can't shut up! I'l talk about anything even if it means people think i'm weird! I don't care! I can say the weirdist things for no reason and i'm a big bimbo alot of the time. I'm always been told that I could get good grades if I tried which I don't but i'm too lazy!! I'm usualy happy and funny making jokes n watver but when i'm pissed off then I get really mad!! i'm stubborn like my starsign (Taurus) and I hate people who are really up themselves or judge mental people. My fave movies are Greece , Sound of Music , Cluless , The Fast and the furious and a couple more. I am a Christian


When I was small I liked bands like East 17 and Take That all those old werid bands!! I liked Elvis too!! and other physco people!! Then I started to like POP!! like Britney and Sclub 7 , 5 , Boyzone and Atomic Kitten , Then I started to like , Westlife and Gareth Gates and Britney now I don't like pop nemore it all sounds the smae to me and I H8 GARETH GATES , Hiphop is what I like now , Hiphop , rap yano? I like Nelly , Ja Rule , Ashanti , Romeo , Christina Milian , Blue and Blazin Squad. But I still like Westlife and U2 cuz there Irish so it's a support them cuz there Irish thing. BUT I DESPISE DANCE MUSIC!! unless ure in a club I want it banned! it's soo fuking sad!! ahh!! even thinking about it makes me pissed off!! My fave songs this Summer were Livin it Up and Hot in Herre. Eminem is ok i'm starting to like him more.
Family and Friends

1. Is my mum! bless her
2. Is my brainy but bimbo sister she's such a partying , i'm so cool kinda person!!
3.Is my Dad he's werid but cool
4. Tori! go Tori shes my best friend
5. Co is also a gr8 friend of mine!
6.Is Bailey my over playful doggie!
8. Is my evil cat Misty we make a gr8 team!
9. Is my grandma she's so cool!

I am close enough with my family we get on quite well. My parents are laid back and don't mindme drinking n stuff. As for my friends well surprise I hav more than 2!! but Tori n Co are my closest friends. You can see more of my friends of my pic pages.

My view on Britney and Christina

I used to love Britney Spears! To me she was so cool!! I liked Christina but I way prefered Britney. But now I way prefer Christina , She can sing SO much better than Britney and she's real. Ok shes a slut but so I mean shes allowed dress how she wants theres no reason people should judge her on how she wears her clothes , Britney tries to put on a innocent little act and it's pathetic , I mean she sayd in a interview "I didn't know people would find the uniforms in baby one more time sexy" HAHAHA sure she didn't I mean come on!! I don't h8 her but she pisses me off!! Britney dresses basicly just as slutty as Christina , I just wish she wasn't so fake!! If she was real and sayd look this is me and showed her real side which we both know is very far from innocent then mayb she wouldn't be hated so much. I duno basicly Britney get real! and Christina feel free to wear what you want their shouldn't be a sterotipical way on how you have to dress.
Guys I go for

The whole tall dark and handsome thing definitly appeals to me. I like really tanned guys with brown eyes , shaved , gelled or spikey hair. I like Vin Diesel , and Rio Ferdinand , David Borennez , Romeo Dunne , Nelly , etc... I like bad boys or cute guys. I prefer looks over personailiy! I know I'm shallow. If there rich thats good but i'd really love if he was famous a footballer or actor... But I do go for some blondes like Paul Walker and Brunette's like Ben Affleck. The one kind of guy I despise is the one that loves himself soooo much it's like omg get over yourself seriously!!! O and obviously if he cheats its over or if he hit me then I wouldn't be there for it to happen again. I like French guys and Italian etc.. I duno basicly guys are welcome!! o yeh and sory but if is a vampire all the better (don't ask) haha

Quizzes I Took

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Weird thing's and Bad habbits

I am weird because , I find vampires sexy!! I duno y! I think I was a vampiress or sumthin else in evil in a past life. I wana name my kids orignal names so far I got
BOY: Rio
GIRL: Asha or Cameo
I bite my nail's , drum my fingers on stuff , do this weird thing with my tounge! I click my fingers in such a weird way! using all 4 fingers and my thumb and squashing them together! I am double jointed in my left thumb , and I can crack my ankles. I can do a weird crab/bridge thing in gym. I can roll my tounge. I sumtimes wear red contacts to scare people and I luv to creep up on people and scare them! I almost blinded myself twice! Once when I was 6 I ran through a window and cut JUST below my eye and when I was 8 a dog bit beside my ear. I have NEVER been stung by a wasp or bee or anything else! sometimes in my dreams I can imagne music on even if I've only heard the song once in my dreams I'l know it all it's creepy! Sumtimes when I'm watchin music channels i'l b on MTV and i'l say to myself "cool Thug Lovin is on MTV BASE" and it will be on!!! I luv fish and spinich!! and other weird food!! I've done a couple of spells and 3 out 5 worked. Every time a pet dies the nite they die they visit my dreams and say that there ok. I would have a crooked back but I hav to curves and they balance each other out so i'm ok!! I live 30 second drive from my skool it starts at 8.55 I get up at 8.30. I REALLY want a pink play boy bunny tattooed on my lower back just at the top of where I wear my trousers. I can put on alot of accents , 3 different English ones , 2 American , 4 Irish , 1 French , 1 Russian and a couple more.

My cartoon version of me!!!

These are just cartoon pics of me! the one on the right is my skool unifom!!

My Voice


So I sound weird? I duno If I do! I sound Irish I suppose or Dublinish but not a skanger (rough person) I duno , I can't sing to good. But I can put on lots of accents , like old women , babies , kids , creepy voices , sexy voices , deep voices , light voices and different countries , I duno if this is a talent or not I'm not gr8 at them but it's fun pretending to be from London or Sweenden or French or so on...

My Writing

This is how I write. 2 lil meassages just 4 you!! Sorry it got a but fucked n sum writing is missing.