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     34 minutes:  Great psychotic grin from Hawk after leveling the disco guy.  When the camera moves to Lex, he smiles and begins to unbuckle his belt.  However, when we see the close-up of his face that pans down his body, he reaches for his belt to take it off a second time.

     36 minutes:  After driving at a fairly fast speed away from the disco car (which Christine left), they guys come across Christine walking along the side of the road.  She sure walked a far distance away from the car in such a short period of time in those heels!

     37 minutes:  Great grin from Lex here.  Note that Christine Sixteen is playing in the car when they pick up Christine. Once again, the guys music in the car jumps around.  Christine Sixteen blends into Turn To Stone by E.L.O. and then within a minute or so, Surrender by Cheap Trick starts to play.

Finally on the way to Detroit.

     39 minutes:  The guys are giving Christine a hard time about disco music as they pass around a joint to each other in the car.  Trip lights it, Hawk gets it next and we see Jam reaching over the seat to take it from Hawk.  In the next shot, we see Hawk still smoking it and then handing it back to Jam a second time. (Thanks to Lisa for this one.)

     41 minutes:  We see the guys standing up in the car through the sun-roof.  However earlier on, the car never had a sun-roof.  (Thanks to a very clever fan for writing and pointing out that one.).

     43 minutes:  That's Paul Stanley's wife, Pam Bowen Stanley on the left appearing as one of the M.A.T.M.O.K members on the stage.

The disco guys don't stand a chance.

     46 minutes:  Beth and her parents are eating at Blump's Burgers.  The company name "Blump's" has been used in every film directed by Adam Rifkin since 1991 - it's an inside joke of his.  The lady's face in the logo is a picture of Rifkin's grandmother.

It's small, but it's one of my favorite scenes.

Even more trouble for the guys.

     49 minutes:  A hilarious picture on Hawk's I.D.!  And I thought mine looked bad!  Great Hot Chocolate song in the background as well.  And thanks to Shyla for this bit of information:  The name of the strip club is It's Raining Men.  The song of the same title by The Weather Girls came out in 1982, however the film is set in 1978.

     51 minutes:  Shannon Tweed (Gene Simmons' other half) appears as Amanda.

As if they're not upset enough, they have to hear the "Pina Colada Song" as well.

And Lex's day just gets worse by the minute...

Sneaking into the backstage party.

54 minutes:  As Lex is the 'Fox On The Run' crawling under the trucks, rain can be seen in the background falling between the semi's.  (Thanks to Erica and her sister for this one ~ two cool DRC fans with really sharp eyes.)

And getting an eyeful as well.

     58 minutes:  As Hawk vomits into the empty pitcher on stage, the level keeps changing with each time we see it.  This is followed by one of the funniest strip-teases ever.  The song Strutter was originally not the first choice to use for the strip tease. Do You Love Me was originally supposed to play.  Paul Stanley came up with the idea of using Strutter at the last minute. Great choice - my favorite KISS song!

     60 minutes:  Hawk is in "It's Raining Men" doing his great strip tease to Strutter.  With his pants down, he struggles to take his shoes off.  He starts hopping around trying to take off his right shoe, and then it suddenly switches to him trying to take off the left shoe.  When he falls off the stage onto his back and his legs fly up in the air, the foot that is missing the shoe is his right foot - the one he originally tried to take off.  (Thanks to Lisa for this one as well.)

Thanks to Kayla for sending me this picture.

More trouble for Lex ~ this time with a German Sheppard in a trash heap.