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Melanie Sheldon

Name: Melanie Sheldon

Age: 31

Height: 5'8"

Occupation: Model

Brief Personality: Selfish and sensual, Melanie knows that she's beautiful and loves to manipulate. She uses her looks and sex to get her what she wants and to take her where she wants. It doesn't matter who she hurts, as she feels the ends justify the means. She can be extremely nice and charming to your face, but utter poison when you aren't looking.

Brief History: Melanie grew up normal, had loving parents, and good friends. She was simply a product of her own personality. She slept her way through high school, including with teachers to get good grades. She slept her way to the top of the modeling world, and is now close to being a super model. She'll do anything to get the title, as she considers it her right and the ultimate prize.

Reason they were given to come: Model shoot.

Number: 8