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Important! - School starts August 26th, thus, I will probably be seeing only one movie a week. Sorry.

August 23rd - I now have a page that shows the top 10 movies of the weekend. Check it out:

Box Office

August 25th - The last three days (22, 23, 24) I have seen movies. Full Frontal on the 22nd, Serving Sara on the 23rd, and Blood Work on the 24th. All reviews are now up. Use the links below to take you right to them:

Review: Full Frontal
Review: Serving Sara
Review: Blood Work

August 26th - Updated Box Office Top 10, now with commentary!

Box Office

August 31st - My review for S1m0ne is now up.

Review: S1m0ne

September 1st - I have updated my original review for xXx.

Review: xXx

September 5th - The Good Girl review now up.

Review: The Good Girl

September 5th - Updated Box Office page.

Box Office

September 13th - Happy Friday the 13th! SwimFan review is up.

Review: Swimfan

September 16th - My Big Fat Greek Wedding review now complete and posted.

Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

September 17th - Two box office previews completed for your enjoyment. One on the Halloween season, and the other on the Christmas season.

Halloween Preview

Holiday Season 2002

September 18th - Updated box office numbers.

Box Office

September 27th - The Four Feathers review is up.

Review: The Four Feathers