Review: Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

by Jake Sproul

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The Star Wars saga as it were has always been the ultimate story of good versus evil. But it has always had something more to it, something philosophical. However, in Episode 2, the battle between good and evil isn't so obvious, and there is nothing philosophical to the movie. While this is a more mature and darker movie, with murkier characters, that seems to be going against the whole clear-cut good/evil theme.

Episode 2 takes us roughly 10 years after Episode 1, and Anakin (Hayden Christiansen)is a teenager. He is a very powerful future jedi under the study of now Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi, but Anakin's powers have made him arrogant of over confident. When now Senator Amidala's life in in danger, Anakin is assigned to protect her, and he finds himself falling in love.

The acting in the film is average. It seems to be lacking any maturity. Which can be expected, Ewan McGregor is the oldest main character, and he is still a young guy. The part of Anakin has always been a sore thumb to me. In Episode 1, Jake Lloyd played a way too cutesey Anakin, and in this one, Anakin is a selfish ass.

Episode 2 is superior to Reutrn of the Jedi, but that seems to be the only chapter that Attack of the Clones is superior too. All in all, Episode 2 is far from the brightest star in the Star Wars stable, but it is a worthy entry into the saga.

© 2002 Jake Sproul

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