The Oliver Awards

An annual look at noteworthy accomplishments in the cinematic arena.

Welcome to the first annual Oliver Awards! Why 'Oliver'? Well, closest name to 'Oscar' I could think of. Interesting to note is that I own a stuffed animal baring (no pun intended) the same name. A picture of that stuffed animal, and subsequently, our Award mascot is as followed:

While the Academy Awards may honor acheivements in such venues as make-up, editing, sound, foreign film...etc, I will only be honoring the "big" awards. The awards that will be competed for are as follows:

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Screenplay
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Costumes
Best Special Effects
Best Art/Set Direction

For a film to be considered for any of the awards listed above, the film must meet certain criteria. (1) The film must be longer than 60 minutes in length, not including credits. (2) The film must be released within the calander year (1/1-12/31) to be considered for that year's awards. (3) The film must be first released to movie screens to be considered. For example, a movie released on television or on VHS tape or DVD before being shown on a movie screen is not eligable. (4) The film must be seen by myself, Jacob Sproul, to be considered. For example, I will not consider any film I have not seen for an Oliver.

Due to my not-ideal location, many movies released in limited release within the allowed calander year do not reach my reasonable location for several months after its initial release. Thus, the Oliver Awards are to be held no earlier than May the first of the year after the year being considered.

The Oliver Award is not tangible. Thus, no actual award will be given to the winner of the various categories of competition. Instead, all valid films are competing for the respect of myself and of all the readers of the Teen Film Review.

The winners of the Oliver Award are selected by myself, Jacob Sproul and myself alone. Only I can declare a winner in each of the categories. The general public is encouraged to campaign for their favorite nominee, and argue their case to myself. However, all decisions in regards to the winner is made by myself. Once a winner is declared, only I, Jacob Sproul, can change the winner, and changes can only be made within 30 days of announcement of initial winner. There may be more than one winner in a category.

Now that all legal matters concerning The Oliver Awards have been taken care of, feel free to click on the link(s) and view the winners of the Oliver!

The 2002 Oliver Awards

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