Review: Minority Report

by Jake Sproul

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My initial reaction to Minority Report was deja vu Bourne Identity. Both Matt Damon and Tom Cruise spend the majority of their respective film running from the authorities. But while The Bourne Identity is good, but confusing, Minority Report is one of the best films I have seen in...years!

According to the press, Tom Cruise came across a short story by Phillip K. Dick, sent it to Steven Spielberg, and a year later, here we are. Well, let me say that this chain of events is the best thing to happen to both Cruise and Spielberg. Tom Cruise has had his blockbusters which made him Hollywood’s most bankable star, but not before this movie has he really proven himself as a quality actor. And as for Spielberg, he needed this to solidify him as a truly great director, and that Schiendler’s List was not a fluke. Minority Report is the best thing to happen to these Hollywood heavyweights, and its the best thing to happen to audiences in quite a while.

John Anderton (Cruise) is in charge of the pre-crime division in Washington D.C. Three people, called “pre-cogs” predict future murders. And it is the pre-crime divisions job to “scrub” the images the “pre-cogs” produce, and figure out where the murder will take place...etc. When the pre-cogs predict John will commit a murder, he runs and begins an adventure to figure out why he wants to kill the victim, who he doesn’t know, and make sure he doesn’t.

Minority Report is a thinking man’s movie. It poses some thought provoking questions like, if fate is stopped, then is it really fate? This is a movie that will have a profound effect on all who view it, and I definitely recommend you view it.

© 2002 Jake Sproul

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