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Films Coming in May 2003:

X2: X-Men United (May 2nd)
The Lizzie McGuire Movie (May 2nd)
The Dancer Upstairs (May 2nd - Limited Release)
Blue Car (May 2nd - Limited Release)
Owning Mahowny (May 2nd - Limited Release)
Daddy Day Care (May 9th)
The Shape of Things (May 9th - Limited Release)
The Matrix: Reloaded (May 15th)
Down With Love (May 16th)
Pokemon Hereos (May 16th - Limited Release)
Bruce Almighty (May 23rd)
The In-Laws (May 23rd)
Manic (May 23rd - Limited Release)
Finding Nemo (May 30th)
The Italian Job (May 30th)
Wrong Turn (May 30th)
Together (May 30th - Limited Release)

X2: X-Men United (May 2, 2003)
The Matrix Reloaded (May 15,2003)
Down With Love (May 16, 2003)
Bruce Almighty (May 23, 2003)
The In-Laws (May 23, 2003)
The Italian Job (May 30, 2003)

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