Archive: March 2003

Films Coming in March 2003:

Bringing Down the House (March 7th)
Tears of the Sun (March 7th)
Laurel Canyon (March 7th - Limited Release)
The Safety of Objects (March 7th - Limited Release)
The Hunted (March 14th)
Agent Cody Banks (March 14th)
Willard (March 14th)
Prozac Nation (March 14th - Limited Release)
Dreamcatcher (March 21st)
A View From the Top (March 21st)
Boat Trip (March 21st)
Piglet's Big Movie (March 21st)
Basic (March 28th)
Head of State (March 28th)
The Core (March 28th)
Assassination Tango (March 28th)

Bringing Down the House (March 7, 2003)
The Core (March 28, 2003)

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