Review: Halloween: Resurrection

by Jake Sproul

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This review contains spoilers!

Let it be said, that I am a big fan of the horror movie industry. The Halloween series in particular. The original Halloween is a landmark in cinema history. Due to these facts, I went into the theatre with high hopes. I was sorely disappointed.

The first 15 minutes of the film (which happens to be Jamie Lee Curtis’ only appearance in the film) are decent. And if Resurrection had been able to keep up that level of film making, it would have been a solid 3 star contender. However, after Jamie Lee is killed off, so apparently is any hope of a good film.

As I have mentioned, the movie opens with an explanation of why Michael is still alive, and Jamie’s 15 minutes. (No pun intended). After that, we are introduced to 6 college students. All are fresh faces, except for Thomas Ian Nicholas of American Pie fame, and Sean Patrick Thomas of Save the Last Dance fame. These 6 college kids have been selected to participate in a demented version of Real World meets Survivor. They will spend Halloween night locked inside Michael Myer’s childhood house, all the while, being broadcast live over the internet. Busta Rhymes plays Freddie Harris, the entrepreneur behind all of this. And Tyra Banks is his lovely assistant. As I am sure you have guessed, Michael is back at home, and he’s pissed.

Despite having some campy fun to it, Resurrection fails. Not only because of the inept plot and ho-hum emotionless acting, but because what makes Michael the ultimate horror villain has been removed. All of the other horror villains used surprise tactics, but Michael was always slow and lumbering. He hunted his prey. Not anymore. In Resurrection Michael is the cinematic version of a jack-in-the-box. My other qualm was the fact that the movie took place in a small house. I found this irritating because I never knew where anyone was in relation to everyone else. This made the movie feel very claustrophobic.

In 1998, Michael had the opportunity to die in peace. Halloween: H20 was a good movie that gave the Halloween series justice after so many years of injustice. But why oh why did they have to resurrect him?

© 2002 Jake Sproul

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