Review: Enough

by Jake Sproul

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As I exited the movie theatre after seeing Enough, my initial reaction was that Jennifer Lopez’s new movie, while eclipsed by Jodie Foster’s 2002 thriller Panic Room, does work. As I write this review, I agree with my initial reaction.

Jennifer Lopez plays Slim, who marries the perfect man, Mitch (Billy Campbell), and when he turns out not to be so perfect, by abusing her, she runs. But her possessive husband won’t let her simply get away, so he begins to hunt her down like his prey. When she realizes custody of her young daughter may be turned over to her husband, she is left with one option. Fight him.

Jennifer Lopez is believable as the battered woman. Her performance is what makes this movie plausible. However, the rest of the cast is miss-cast. Noah Wyle, who plays a friend of “Mitch” can’t seem to shake Dr. Carter and the nice-guy act long enough to play a prick. Billy Campbell, who plays Mitch also seems a little too nice. But he does manage along better than Mr. Wyle.

At its core good thriller will make our heart stop, make us sweet, and make us want to yell at the screen. Enough manages to do all three, and thus earns my seal of approval.

© 2002 Jake Sproul

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