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:) Diego Luna Best Actor Ever :)

Diego luna one of the best known actor's in Mexico. Now in days this young hot actor had his sight on bigger things like HOLLYWOOD and so far he's done a great job with that. His Hollywood premiere has gone great. to tell you the truth it's not the first time he does a movie in Hollywood because he's has done many movies, but it's his first time as a leading man, and what better way then to star in a film called "Dirty Dancing Havana Nights" which we all know is a remake of the first part. The film takes place in the 1950's Cuba. He plays a young cuban boy named Javier, who falls in love with a young girl whom came from America after her father was resigned to a new job. They fall madly in love thru the passion for music and dancing. Even though it's his debute in Hollywood he has done many other project. He stars in the movie " Y TU Mama Tambien" with his long time friend Gael Garcia Bernal. He also played a role in the movie "Frida". Also he stars in many other films: here are the list of the movies he has done!

1994 - Ambar

1999 - Un Dulce Olor A Muerte

1999 - El Cometa

2001 - Y Tu Mama Tambien

202 - Ciudades Oscuras

2002 - Frida

2003 - Soldados De Salamina

2003 - Nicotina

2003 - Open Range

2004 - The Terminal

2004 - Dirty Dancing Havana Nights