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    The story of Tantino is long and exciting, that is why it will be a novel. But I will be able to explain it to you. As you saw in the Timeline, Sotonite, a new element on the Periodic Table, was accidentally created, allowing for space travel, cures to several diseases, and even Microcosm. The future began that day and so did a twenty year rush for the skies. In those two decades, Earth had conquered 10 planets, 10 000  asteroids, 12 comets, a star and an alien SpacePort. The Brunat Federation was lucky enough to stumble upon this race, because of Earth's valuable resources. The humans were lucky also that the the Brunat were so willing to offer assistance.

     The story of Tantino begins in the late 2020s' during the dark age. All the planets in the Terra Alliance had no contact with Earth for three years because of Earth's war with the planet Xavier. As you may now know, Tantino is not part of the Solar System. No one really knows how the ship that began our population got to Tantino, seeing as we are so far away. The strangest thing that has been realized is that Earth conquered Tantino before any other planet in the solar system.

      But now, born in the Dark Age, Acenes must save his planet which is on the brink of destruction. No one knows why or how to stop it. The only way to save it, Acenes thinks, is to find out how, 30 years ago, an earth ship landed on Tantino and began the population of Tantino. Acenes quoted this to the Terra Alliance: "This is our future, this is our world, and this is our fault..."

And so began, the story of Tantino.