Sweetness in a Can...


Warning! This page is under radical construction.

Hi! I'm Grace!

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Once I realized that people actually visit this site...ahem...still...
I decided that I should probably do stuff to it,
lest these "people" get bored and go away. Then I
would feel personally rejected and possibly cry.
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Anyhoo, welcome To Sweetness in a Can.

Newzy New News!!!
(Things I Have Updated Lately)

Many things are Sweetness, I'm just
putting them in a can for you.
Some of these things include:

Conditional Innocence (my new blog!)

Pictures!*Updated (in the process)
Lyrics Page *Under Heavy Mondo Construction
My Maggie Page! *New
About Me *Updated

Things I'm Planning on Doing
in the Very Near Future

That's it for now! So stick around and you might see something new!

I had a page before this one.
It's a little bit...special.
Um, it's against my better judgement letting
you look at it, but fine,
if you want to laugh at my expense, here it is. Have fun.

Long live the Can!

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