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What's New?

What's New?

Well here's where I'll let you know what's new to the website on a week to week basis. Or rather it's where we keep a log of what gets added when.

May 14th * The first part of Series 2 - episode 21 - is finally put up on the website, despite having been finished many weeks earlier.

February 8th

* Series 1 is completed with the publication of episode 20.

January 18th 2005

* The penultimate episode of series 1, episode 19, has been added.

December 14th

* Pages 11 and 12 of the manga are up, thus completing 'Episode 1' of the story. Things really seem to be going at full throttle here recently...

December 13th

* Episodes 17 and 18 are both finished and posted at exactly the same time. How bizarre.

November 30th

* Parts 7, 8, 9, AND 10 of the Manga are up! Bow down to Emily...booooooww...

November 26th

* Episode 16 is up.

November 10th

* Episode 15...just one day after. Stunning, no?

November 9th

* Episode 14. Much in the way of huzzah.

October 16th

* Episode 13 of the story, the first episode to be written on my NEW laptop, is up and available to read on the Series 1 page.

September 19th

* Page 6 of the Manga has been added! Click here to go and see!

* More artwork! Character designs for Stu (that would be me!) are now up - head on over to the Art of D'Spring section to marvel at the quality!

September 5th

A lot has been done this week!

* Series 1 has been brought up to date with the addition of Episodes 3 - 12. Now that the backlog has been cleared, new episodes will appear as and when I write them.

* Chapter 1 of Kentarou's Story is now up in the Prologue section, and chapter 2 is on it's way.

* The first five pages of the all-new MANGA VERSION of Episode 1 are now up for you to enjoy! This is also joined by another new section, "The Art of D'Spring", where you'll find all of the D'spring-inspired artistry. A special thanks to my friend Emily for being kind enough to draw it all for me.

June 13th

How this site makes me money: Well if you go back to the main page, scroll to the bottom and click on the link. Register at that site and I'll be given 1 dollar. Simple as that. And if 15 people do it I'll be able to make this site a .com. Sweet.

Episode 1 and 2 of D'Spring have been added. Well it's finally going into motion - the first episode of D'Spring is there for all to read. Oh and if you've already read it and think nothing's changed, take another look and you'll find it's been re-edited just for this site. How cunning am I? :P.

June 12th 2004

Site created. That's right, this was the first day this site was available for viewing - trying to breathe life back into the old message board and to help plug the t-shirts to try and boost sales.

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