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The Art of D'Spring

The Art of D'Spring

Here you will find character sketches and other miscellaneous pieces of artwork relating to the world of Desigaspring.

All artwork is credited with much reverence to the hand of Emily Brady. If you would like to see more of her artwork then please visit her website here - look at the gallery and leave a nice message in the guestbook about how awesome it all is. You know you should.

*NEW* Character Design - STUART
Artwork depicting THE main character...uh, me!

Character Design - EMILY
Artwork depicting Emily, one of the main characters of Desigaspring.

Character Design - TORI
Pictures of Tori, another of the main characters - along with her adorably vicious gopher Jimmy.

T-Shirt Design
The first design for an official D'Spring T-Shirt, available to order now.

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