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Ancient Wisdom

Treebeard is an embodiment of an ancient wisdom. The countenance of Treebeard displays this wisdom.

Wizardly nose. Treebeard has the nose of a Wizard. In fact there is something of a wizardly bearing about this oldest living thing. There is an air of Gandalf about Treebeard.

Amber eyes. The eyes of Treebeard are of amber. Amber is one of the most ancient of substances. Amber has been seen to trap insects in prehistoric times, preserving them over time. The amber eyes of Treebeard have seen many things over time. The wisdom of Treebearsd is contained in these eyes, preserved within his sap.
Evolved soul. All forest life is represented in Treebeard. Fungus, moss, vines and leaves are alive on Treebeardís surface. Treebeard is emblematic of the living forest. The old tree carries with him all life. The power of Treebeard comes not from aggression but evolution. The whole ancient woodland has evolved into his individual wood. Treebeard is the group soul of the woods.