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Water, fire and shadow 2

Water, fire and shadow (part two)

a high quality scene by scene image compilation will be here shortly

Frodo is still and his hand is outstretched. The ring sits in the palm up hand. Now Frodo is the mirror. Galadriel used an instrument to challenge Frodo but now Frodo himself is the instrument of the a return challenge. The hobbit is now fully the agent of reflection of Galadriel. The offered ring draws temptation out of Galadriel. In the mirror Frodo saw the ring and itís pull on him was very great. Now the ring sits in the palm, the reflecting palm, of Frodo. From here the ring will exact the same pull on Galadriel, the mirror of Frodoís experience.

Above: the ring sits in Frodoís hand recalling the image of the eye Frodo saw in the mirror. The flat hand recalls the reflecting surface of the mirror.

The spirals of Galadrelís hair, the white light that emanates from her and the stillness of the characterís composition has been invaded by a dark shadow.

Temptation. Galadriel assumes wraith like characteristics. The fingers of the lady extend and sharpen recalling the fingers of the Witch King.

The eyes are the dark centre of the apparition. This suggests that the source of the outer transformation is from an inner shadow in the Lady. The darkness comes from within Galadriel as her past thoughts of possessing the ring spring forth as a dark shadow. Frodo has reflected back the temptations of Galadriel and this act has brought them forth as this frightening apparition.

The battle for the destiny of Galadriel is between light and shadow. For Frodo the conflict was with the fire of the eye and the shadow it cast on his beloved Shire. Here though we see a straight duel between the two ends of the spiritual spectrum in Fellowship. The dark shadow wrestles with purifying and divine light.

Dawn of a realisation. The face of Galadriel is bathed in a drawing light. This brings out the dawning realisation in Galadriel of the temptation of the ring. Galadriel will diminish. Compare this expression of the Lady with the composed Galadriel at the start of the Mirror sequence:


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