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Frodo is leaving. For a moment after a flurry of rounding up clothes, food and a staff we can guage the scene. This is a picture of innocence and experience and it tells us much about the coming quest.

Frodo is innocent. He looks here like a schoolboy on his first morning of school. Frodo's puckish enthusiasm is unquestioning. Gandlf has told him what must be done and he will faithfully comply. Off he will go.

Frodo's face and regard of Gandlf is almost angelic in its innocence.

The family portraits above the mantelpiece symbolise the happy Shire life he will leave behind. The pictures also mirror the happy innocence of Frodo at this moment.

Gandalf is touched by this moment of innocence. Gandalf's bearing is of an experienced father sending his child to school. The wizard seems to have a gathering hope in his faithful charge.

The fire is a warming one but reminds us that Frodo is heading out on a dangerous quest to confront the origin of the ring.

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