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Mystic union

Innocence and experience

In Fellowship we see how the Hobbits gain experience from the quest by comparing the innocence of the first twenty minutes of the film with their depiction in the last twenty minutes. We see the change brought about by the journey. A journey from innocence to experience.

Above at the edge of the shire Sam hesitates and is led on by Frodo. Sam is the rock behind his master at the Emyn Muil.

Above: Frodo shares a hug of affection with Gandalf. Frodo draws Sam near at the Anduin. The look in Frodo's eyes recalls the value of shared togetherness over going on alone.

Above: Sam is frightened of magic. In the Anduin Sam is at the centre of a magical transformation which he initiates.

Above Frodo with all the time in a carefree world. Then Frodo exhausted at Amon Hen.

Above Merry and Pippin as scallywags in the Shire. Then the dawn of a realisation for the pair at Amon Hen.

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