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Anduin: The Hero’s Eyes

Anduin: The Hero’s Eyes a scene by scene image compilation is here

The realisation of Frodo’s aloneness brings a moment of withdrawl. The hobbit seems pulled back into himself. There is some doubt.

The onset of tears seems to draw Frodo deeper into himself.

And still deeper.

What Frodo finds inside is his mentor. Gandalf is now Frodo’s inner mentor. The message given by the wizard is: ‘All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you. ’ Frodo clearly believes this message reinforces that his quest must be carried on alone. The voice of Gandalf has brought resolve.

Now Frodo’s eyes are raised alongside his courage. The eyes look to the bank beyond. The quest will be by one Hobbit and it’s solitary march will commence on the opposite bank of the river.


The impact of Sam ‘s plunge. Frodo’s decision is stalled.

Frodo has rescued Sam Frodo’s eyes show a depth of reverence for Sam’s amazing act of faith. Frodo realises perhaps that his resolution to be solitary in the quest was not the solution it seemed. A realisation dawns in the eyes.

Frodo’s realisation converts into unrestrained connection with Sam. The relief of the realisation that he has been joined. This will be an unbreakable bond. Frodo has learned something.