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Mystic union


Boromir seeks the ring from Frodo. For Frodo this is like a replay of the wraiths at Weathertop. Boromir approaches the hobbit, closing down his space, towering above him. Then Boromir is grabbing, seeking, probing for the ring. Boromir is possessed and appears wraith like. For Frodo, as at Weathertop, the only escape is to put on the ring.

Above the wraith like possessed Boromir

As Boromir grasps for Frodo we see his glove carries the image of the white tree of Gondor. Boromirís intention might have been noble, to gain the ring for Gondor, but the overall impression of this scene is of a personal, egoic obsession.

above: the composition of the shot of the fallen Boromir mirrors that of his final fall.

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