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Emblem of her people

Emblem of her people

At Meduseld Eowyn gazes out over Edoras. The epic scope of Eowyn's character is signalled by her presence in sweeping landscape of Rohan. Eowyn is the very symbol of Rohan.

Eowyn stands under the arches of Meduseld and its decorative spirals. The location of the figure adds gravity and significance to Eowyn’s presence in the scene. Eowyn has come out not to dream or escape but to experience the landscape. Eowyn stands as an emblem of her people. Eowyn is woven into the kingdom.

All the elements are represented in the scene. The earth and water of the landscape meet fire and air. Wind blows over the landscape and over Eowyn, binding the figure and the background. Eowyn has a deep and elemental connection to Rohan

Eowyn is parallel to the flag. The wind blows the flag and Eowyn uniting them as emblems of the kingdom. Eowyn is every part a representative of Rohan as the flag of the kingdom. The image on the flag is of the horse, the emblem of Rohan. The horse is a symbol of the will. The affinity of Eowyn with her kingdom comes from her developed willfulness.

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