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Will and destiny

Eomer: will and destiny

Unity of Horse and Rider

Horse and rider appear to be one. Eomerís horse has been bedecked in the same style as the rider. Eomer has a mane like plume on his helmet. The effect of this plume is to make the rider seem more like his steed. The rider has bonded his identity to that of his horse. Eomer has embodied the qualities of the horse. Eomer is affirming his youthfulness, swiftness and wilfulness. The horse is an ancient symbol of the will. The identification is further enhanced by Eomerís naturally strong facial features.

Eomer has a mane like plume on his helmet signalling his symbolic identity with the horse

Symbols of Destiny

Eomerís helmet carries the symbol of the dragon and the emblem of the sun. The dragon is a symbol of vigilance and guardianship whilst the sun points out that Eomer is in line to the kingship of Rohan. The position of the dragon between the eyes shows the keen intelligent will of the of the Riddermark and the passage of the dragon through the sun emblem shows Eomer is blazing a trail. The combination points to a man of destiny. The overrall efect is to give Eomer a Samurai quality. This is a warrior of singular will. There will be no nonsense: you will not stray onto the Riddermark.

Eomerís armour shows two clashing horses. For the guardian of the Riddermark battle is regarded as a clash of wills. Clashing horses symbolise a conflict of wills. Any stranger in the Mark will be countered stongly. There will not be much discussion. An ultimatum will be quickly enforced. Again the armour carries a sylised dragon element borne in a heraldic fashion.