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Sentinel elves

This encounter with elves tells us much about the way of the wood elves. Clearly these are not cupids but warriors.

Pride of elves

The faces of the elves are somewhere between man and animal. The hair and brow suggest a lion, certainly the look is sleek and efficient. The elves here look to have heightened senses. Clearly the elves share this semi animal look. They look as though they are from a single pride or grouping. The elves dwell somewhere between the human and animal realm, suggesting that the ideal qualities of both have been elevated. The choice of the bow as a weapon suggests balance. The bow shape reminds us of scales.

Union of masculine/feminine

As they seem to be of a form between man and animal the elves also have masculine and feminine characteristics. This union does not dilute their warrior qualities. Rather we get an impression of swiftness and patience: focus. The absence of any visible aggression enhances the feeling that the elves are utterly concentrated and would dispatch an intruder in a second. These are samurai without aggressive masculinity. Again balance is the theme here: the elves are on the midpoint between male/female qualities. Elves stand on a bridge between worlds.

Relationship to surrounding nature

Overrall the development of warrior qualities in the elves has come from a spiritual evolution, not the development of base aggressive qualities. Elves have evolved the higher qualities of animals: heightened senses, sleekness, swiftness. In conflict the elves above stay centred but show no aggression.

The elves look in harmony with nature. When an elf stands in front of a tree he seems to bring a light to it. The elf highlights nature. This harmony with the wood contrasts with the invading Nazgul. (above)

The Nazgul seem to dominate nature. When a Nazgul appears surrounding nature turns black/grey. The Nazgul are of the black in the spiritual spectrum and so abhor nature. Elves are of the white in the spectrum and harmonise nature. Even as they raise their bows against us they also bear light to us. The elf is white and is part of the lifeblood of the wood. They are the white cells of nature's immune system. Any invader can be dealt with.

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